Five times Mourinho taunted Juventus

by | Oct 17, 2021 10:54

José Mourinho and Juventus meet at the Allianz Stadium tonight with the Special One who could add one more chapter to the history of his rivalry with the Old Lady.

It’s safe to say Mou doesn’t have a friendly relationship with Juventus, especially with their fans.

The Portuguese coach returns to Turin for the first time since 2018, when his Manchester United side beat the Bianconeri in a Champions League group stage game.

After that match, Mourinho hit back at Juventus fans who had insulted him for the whole, by game cupping his ear.

There had been tension between him and Juventus fans also two weeks before, when the Serie A giants travelled to Old Trafford.

Mourinho responded to insults by showing the No.3 to the travelling Juventus fans as a reminder of the Treble he had won with Inter in 2010.

“Obviously, Juventus are not in love with me. The hardest moment for them was when we won the Treble. But with players, technical staff and management, there is total respect,” Mourinho said after their Old Trafford meeting.

Mourinho visits Juventus for first time since provoking fans

In 2010, when he was in charge of Real Madrid and linked with the Juventus job, he said: “I am the kind of person who is perhaps too dedicated to his team to coach a rival, I can not coach Juve after wearing the jersey of Inter.”

Mourinho, of course, hit out at Juventus several times during his two-year spell at Inter when he didn’t even need to play against the Bianconeri to taunt them.

“There is only one 25-metre penalty box in Italy,” he said in 2010, referring to the Old Lady who had earned a few controversial spot-kicks.

However, ‘Zero tituli’ (zero titles) was Mourinho’s most famous statement as an Inter coach.

“In the last two days, there has been no talk of Roma that have great players, but that will end the season with zero titles,” he said during an iconic press conference.

“There was no mention of Milan that has 11 points less than us and will close the season with zero titles. There was no mention of Juve, who won so many points with refereeing mistakes.”

Will the saga continue tonight?




  1. martinn

    wow the biases of the italian fottball press really haven`t changed. there`s a `five time Juventus have humble Mourinho` in the works, right? didn`t think so. all that matters is that`s what`s on the pitch.

  2. Nichols

    I am following Juve for years and always respect Jose as one of the best coaches. Don’t see his celebration offensive. It’s just great to have him back to Serie A.

  3. Cypher

    What matters is that Mou will cry tonight.

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