Five things from All or Nothing: Juventus ep 1 | Pirlo aims dig at Sarri and evokes Conte

by | Nov 25, 2021 14:27

All or Nothing Juventus was dropped by Amazon Prime today and Football Italia takes a look at the five things spotted during the first episode.

All or Nothing Juventus recaps the Bianconeri’s 2020-21, starting with Andrea Pirlo’s appointment as Juventus coach. The first episode shows what happened between the former midfielder’s appointment and the first match of the last campaign, in which the Bianconeri won 3-0 against Claudio Ranieri’s Sampdoria.

1. Andrea Agnelli’s speech

Agnelli’s first speech of the season to the team saw most of the players and the technical staff reunited in a room at Continassa, Juventus training ground. In the previous campaign, the Bianconeri had won the Scudetto under Maurizio Sarri, but Agnelli referred to 2019-20 as a ‘shi**y season’ despite the ‘sporting results. The Bianconeri president added that he expected a different commitment from some footballers who ‘hadn’t given their best’ in the previous campaign.

2. Pirlo aims dig at Sarri

Safe to say Sarri didn’t leave a good impression at the club and wasn’t on good terms with many people at Juventus. The Tuscan tactician was criticised for the team’s results despite winning the Serie A title and his off-the-pitch style didn’t suit the one of Juventus. Media sometimes taunted the former Chelsea boss for touching his nose during his press conferences, almost as he was picking it. That’s what Pirlo referred to when, after his unveiling press conference, he told Juventus press officers: “at least I didn’t pick my nose,” making everyone’s laugh.

All or Nothing: Juventus | ‘You could tell Ronaldo’s time was coming to a close’

3. Pirlo’s first days in charge and Cristiano Ronaldo’s reaction

Andrea Pirlo only had a few weeks to prepare for the season and Juventus players seemed quite tired when the season resumed. Serie A began on September 20. Their last game in the previous campaign had been on August 7. When Pirlo was told that some players were complaining about the workload, he replied: “I don’t care, if they saw what we did with Conte, they’d kill themselves.”

His appointment surprised many, including Cristiano Ronaldo. “When I knew Pirlo would be the coach I was happy but also a little surprised. It was similar to Zidane at Real Madrid. He was inside the dressing room and knew what we think,” the Portuguese star said.

4. Weston McKennie eating habits

The episode also shows new players arriving in Turin: Weston McKennie, Alvaro Morata, Dejan Kulusevski and Arthur. McKennie arrived in August and Giorgio Chiellini was one of the first Juventus players to welcome him at the club. At some point, they sat in the Juventus’ canteen, one in front of the other. Chiellini asked if his new teammate liked pasta and seemed surprised when the former Schalke man explained which ingredients he’d add to the dish.

5. Fabio Paratici explains transfer choices

The 2020-21 campaign was the last one at Juventus for many players, but also for club director Fabio Paratici. Towards the end of the episode, he explained what is necessary to do his job at the highest levels. “Here, situations change every ten minutes,” he said. “One must be relaxed and have some levity to do this job, a lot of flexibility, lots of planning because you need to have a plan A, a plan B and perhaps get to M or N with alternative plans.”

Andrea Pirlo


  1. David

    Juve should have kept Pirlo and give him the players he actually wanted. His philosophy was clear. Quick attacking football. Unfortunately the team struggled to adapt during what was and still is a rebuilding phase and Pirlo was out. Such a shame we did not get to see his philosophy play out over a few tranfer windows and a few seasons at the helm. Instead we are back in defensive slow pass mode.

  2. Roro

    Weston Mckennie is a menace to Italian cuisine!
    Get him outta here! XD

  3. frankie

    You’re right David. Pirlo was a breath of fresh air compared to the stale, boring, reactive football of Allegri. It’s galling watching teams playing modern football and Juventus stuck in a time warp. It’s going to be 4 years of pain. The worst part is seeing how Allegri destroys young players – Chiesa is a shell of the player he was 6 months ago, Kulusevski plays with fear, Jorge gets no look in, Pellegrini is left to rot on the bench while an inept Sandro is playing, young midfield talents Fagioli, Ranocchia and Rovella loaned out while duds like Bentancur, Rabbiot and Arthur get game time. It’s depressing man!!!

  4. Louch

    Problem with pirlo is we didn’t see any semblance of this “quick -heads up” playing style until very very late in the campaign and still not sure whether it was fluke or not. It took way too long but agreed I was in the camp of keeping as we waited too long and finally started seeing something. Just never know what that something really was.

  5. peo

    6. Ronaldo is skeletor all the sudden. How come is he muscles marinara in Madird then all of the sudden skinny as a stick? Was he on PED?

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