OWNIC is creating a platform combining digital collectibles and gaming, using dNFT technology, and the first Leonardo Bonucci OWNIC dNFTs will be minted today.



dNFTs (dynamic non-fungible tokens) differ from static NFTs as the visual representation of the token isn’t fixed– in this case, OWNIC cards assign xP to a player, and that xP can go up based on their real-life performances. OWNIC have partnered with sports data service Wyscout to calculate the data, and are putting scouting future stars at the forefront of the platform – find out how here.

Read more about OWNIC | Sign-up to the OWNIC Discord server | What games are there?

OWNIC is also creating a thriving Discord community, and their Discord server is the place to go for more information or to ask any questions about the platform. Find out more about Discord here.

Juventus captain Bonucci is one of a number of top sports stars to have partnered with OWNIC, with Serie A players particularly well represented. Anyone grabbing one of the fully-licensed Bonucci dNFTs dropping today will be able to get involved with the range of games in the OWNIC catalogue, or explore the marketplace and sell or trade their collection.

The Bonucci cards will be minted on Monday August 22 at 21:00 UTC. Anyone interested in getting involved should head to the OWNIC Discord server to find out how to be whitelisted to get in early as there is a limited number of Bonucci dNFTs to be had.

Sign up to the OWNIC Discord server here

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