Fiorentina risk losing Vlahovic on a free transfer


Fiorentina are at risk of losing star striker Dusan Vlahovic on a free transfer as his agent is refusing to listen to offers.

The 21-year-old Serbian forward is one of the stars of this Serie A season, scoring 16 goals in 20 league appearances for the Viola, and his future has been one of the big talking points in recent months, with clubs like Arsenal, Atletico Madrid, Paris Saint-Germain and Tottenham all linked with a move for him.

As reported by Corriere dello Sport, Fiorentina are afraid of losing Vlahovic on a free transfer next year. His agent Darko Ristic is refusing to listen to any offers for the player and he also doesn’t want to discuss a contract renewal with the Florence side, with the player’s demands being clear.

The stalemate has unnerved Fiorentina, who are now willing to sell the Serbian striker in the next two weeks, because they’re afraid of losing him on a free transfer next year.

Vlahovic would be able to sign a pre-contract with his new club from next January onwards, and so he may be willing to stay in Florence for another 12 months rather than leaving this month or in the summer.

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  1. Throw him to the bench for a year an a half!! That’s it – anough of this rebel players.

    All the clubs have to put an automatic renewal for one year that only the club can activate.

  2. If they wanted you get a transfer fee they shouldn’t have priced out 99% of the market, and if they wanted to keep him they should have offered more than 4m, on one hand they want over 70 – 80m for him and the other hand they want to pay him what a 30 – 40m player would get. Now it looks like he is doing what Frank Kessie has done, and has probably got an under the table offer from another club already, most likely rubentus

  3. [email protected]

    You missing the point. It ain’t completely irrelevant because it’s why players with outgoing contracts chooses to renew with clubs even if they never intend to stay.
    It’s better to put pen to paper on a 4 million a year contract with a buy out Claus then to risk all future earnings if you hurt yourself so that your career is over at the age of 21 without ever had a big pay check .
    So your take that every athlete risk it at som point are not only wrong But also kind of stupid.
    Most athletes would like to Secure their future. That’s why so few players Especially young ones let their contracts run out and why it’s better to negotiate a contract with a boy out clause at a fair number so you can choose your next destination even if you renew with the club. Like håland did.

  4. The point you are missing is players have been moving for free since the times of bosman and they do so every year, you couldn’t be more wrong if you tried

  5. @Gio, the fact you think there’s is something for me to lose in this discussion tells me everything I need to know about you. your point is he should sign a new contract with Fiorentina because he might get a career ending injury, absolutely delusional by you and literally one of the dumbest things I have read here. I am saying that if Fiorentina don’t sell him in January, then they need to sell him in July probably at a discount because at that point all he has to do is hold out until the end of December and he can negotiate a free transfer. This is something we have seen many times already, if that’s not clear enough for you then you should stop talking about things you have no idea about. Done with this “discussion”, feel free to talk all the crap you want.

  6. @mikej.

    Ofcorse they would like to sell him in January or at the latest in the summer. But your take that it’s irrelevant for a 21 year old whom never had a big pay check to get a career ending injury and miss future earnings when it could be avoided is one of the dumbest thing I read.
    I wouldn’t feel the least sorry if donnaruma had busted his knee in and never sat a foot on a football field in his last Milan game. Whom had lost the most if that happened?

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