Fiorentina director Daniele Pradè insists they were ‘prisoners’ to Dusan Vlahovic and his agents forcing a Juventus transfer, so he is ‘worried’ by President Rocco Commisso’s comments about the club’s future.

The Tuscan side has been shaken to the core by the departure of top scorer Vlahovic for their old rivals Juve, even if it did bring in a huge profit at €75m plus bonuses.

“Everyone knew full well what the situation was with Vlahovic and it was impossible to say no to that proposal,” noted Pradè in today’s press conference.

“We understand the bitterness of the fans, but there are some situations that go beyond all of us. The clubs are close to becoming prisoners of agents and players.

“We couldn’t say no to this because we risked losing him for free. This is modern football and we can only hope that things change.”

Commisso warns Fiorentina he will ‘reflect’ on future of club

Vlahovic followed in the footsteps of Federico Chiesa, who also rejected offers from Arsenal and elsewhere because he had his heart set on Juventus.

The tension created by the transfer could have repercussions in future, after President Commisso stated he would stop and ‘reflect’ on what the backlash from fans means going forward.

“I too heard that interview and I too am worried by his words,” confessed Pradè.

“Commisso is a man who gives his all, passion and enthusiasm as well as money. I understand his disappointment. It’s too early now to say what his feelings are, but the coach and squad will do everything we can to give back that energy and enthusiasm.

“I hope we can win back the fans with hard work, fairness and winning as many games as possible.”

7 thought on “Fiorentina ‘prisoners’ of Vlahovic agents, worried by Commisso comments”
  1. dear Christ, how many articles about them whining?
    we know by now you feel robbed!
    but please go cry on top of the bag of of 80 mil euros, and then wipe your tears with the bills from of the 60 and 45 mil euro bags for chiesa and bernardeshi.
    over 180m for 3 players is for serie a standards very handsomely compensated, but no cry and whine

  2. I truly appreciate football-italia’s obsession with this transfer. They should publish even more stories like this until this transfer is investigated and nullified. I fully agree with this site’s stance that clubs like Juventus should not be allowed to spend their own money on players like Vlahovic and only clubs like Arsenal and Chelsea can make these transfers since almost every other article is about Chelsea anyway.

  3. Good on you, Football Italia, stand up for whats right. Please keep highlighting and reporting on Juventus abusing and flaunting the rules. If you think everything about this transfer is above board then well, you probably have black and white blinkers on then.

  4. Only the agents enjoy the game now,they get profit more than the teams that train and pay the players.something need to be done.

  5. Why do these people think they can dictate to their employees where they can or can’t work after their contract is done? They have no legal or moral right to do that? Disgusting…
    By the way, it was only Juve and Arsenal in the running for him, and Arsenal did not offer more for his playing rights.

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