Fiorentina flop Kokorin ‘worth two sacks of potatoes’

Fiorentina cannot convince Aleksandr Kokorin to accept a contract termination, while Andrei Kanchelskis claims the Russian’s transfer value is now ‘a couple of sacks of potatoes.’

The 31-year-old is a weight on the Viola since his €4.5m transfer from Spartak Moscow in January 2021.

Making only 11 appearances in 18 months for a total 216 minutes of football, his contract runs to June 2024 and reports suggest Kokorin has refused all attempts to terminate the contract early by mutual consent.

He is not prepared to consider the situation, even with a healthy severance payment, so the club is stuck with him and no interest from other teams in a potential transfer.

This was explained in rather stark terms by former Fiorentina star Kanchelskis, who gave his opinion of Kokorin on Sport24.

“When is the last time he actually played? When you buy a plyer, you look at his statistics, his form and so on. As things stand now, Kokorin’s value on the transfer market is a couple of sacks of potatoes. Nobody would pay more than that.

“He’s been beset by injuries in recent years, the risks for whoever buys him are too great. He might also want to keep his current salary, which nobody is going to offer.”

The only contribution that Kokorin has been able to give Fiorentina in those 11 appearances in 18 months is to get booked twice and miss some open goals.

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  1. I hope this shows Italian teams not to buy mediocre foreign players, but instead invest that money in own youth.

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