Fiorentina fans welcome Vlahovic and Juventus with Dante’s Inferno quote

by | Mar 2, 2022 19:19

Fiorentina fans prepared a special choreography for Juventus and Dusan Vlahovic in the Coppa Italia semi-final, referencing Dante’s Inferno and a chapter dedicated to the Circle of Hell reserved for frauds.

The first leg kicks off at the Stadio Franchi at 20.00 GMT.

You can follow all the build-up and action as it happens on the LIVEBLOG.

Coppa Italia Semi-Final Liveblog: Fiorentina vs. Juventus

This is not only a long and bitter rivalry between these clubs, but also the first time Vlahovic has returned to the Stadio Franchi since leaving the Viola for Juve in January.

The welcome from the ultras was always bound to be fiery and they handed out 10,000 whistles at the entrance to the stadium, hoping to make a deafening noise every time the striker touches the ball.

As for the organised groups, the Curva Fiesole where the hardline ultras stand will unveil a very special banner covering the entire end of the arena.

According to the latest reports, this will include a quote from Dante’s Inferno, the greatest work of Italian literature that hailed from Florence, as Tuscan is the closest thing to the oldest Italian language.

This will read: “Fiorenza, per lo ‘nferno tuo nome si spande.”

The full quote translates as: “Rejoice, O Florence, since thou art so great, That over sea and land thou beatest thy wings, And throughout Hell thy name is spread abroad!”

This particular part is: “Florence, throughout Hell thy name is spread abroad!”

It is Canto 26, the section dedicated to frauds, as Dante’s protagonist continues his journey throughout Hell.


  1. Jacob

    That’s cute

  2. Cypher

    Those are Shinter fans trust me. They travelled all the way to Florence to hate.

  3. Ale

    Those fans are really stupid and excessive
    They just lived in delusional world

  4. Keefo

    Juve always like playing against the academy team

  5. Bla

    I bet not even 5% of the people displaying that choreography have ever read Dante’s Inferno

  6. Ashvir

    It’s about time that Fiorentina accept that they’re a feeder club to us <3

  7. Blop

    So sad to see such hideous stadiums. Gvt get out of the peoples investments

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