FIGC working on making ‘three players available’ for the Azzurri

by | Nov 25, 2021 14:40

The FIGC is working to make Cagliari forward Joao Pedro, Roma defender Roger Ibanez and Lazio centre-back Luiz Felipe eligible to play for Italy ahead of the World Cup Qualifiers in March.

Italy finished second in the group behind Switzerland and are forced to go through two games in the play-off scheduled for March next year.

There are thus two games left to book a place at Qatar 2022 and Italy are hoping to make another three Brazilians eligible to play for the Azzurri.

Joao Pedro: ‘I’d be lying if I said Italy talk wasn’t pleasing’

The FIGC is working to complete the required documentation to potentially make three new players available for CT Roberto Mancini ahead of the games next year.

After the Federal Council, the reporters asked President Gabriele Gravina about Joao Pedro’s situation, but the President revealed there are two others as well.

“The offices of Club Italia are interested in all the players who can be called up,” Gravina said, according to TWM.

“They are working on three positions and are well underway. We resolve the formal part, then it’s up to the technician whether to call them up or not.”

The three players in question are the three Brazilians Joao Pedro, Ibanez and Luiz Felipe, who all play regularly in Serie A.

Gabriele Gravina Italy


  1. ABC

    I’m not a fan of this either. Especially when there is an up and coming attacker in serie B who is on form.

    Why are they so opposed to giving kids a shot..

    Also…what if these guys arent in form come March???
    Will they get dropped??

  2. SL

    Agree with above, are we now to become the dregs from Brazil who can’t make it on their own country team?

  3. joe del monte

    Are we that desperate?

  4. Sergio

    This is actually encouraging the problem in Italy without promoting and giving our young players a chance. Pedro is 30 years old. We won all our qualifiers and euro without having to do this. Manco has to start players who are in form and not injured and that should give us the results. Manco has been doing a Lippi a bit too much and paying the price for it. Also, Jorge’s time is done in the middle. Put Loca or Veratti there. We have become predictable. Getting Spina back will be huge.

  5. Brandon

    Anyhow, we will see tomorrow (11/26), who we fish out for the Draw.

    Respect all opponents, fear none.

  6. Faran

    This is not good for a great nation like italy. Italy is going again backwards. Italian managers are holding italian youth players back by sending them to serie B or other lower division to gain experience and bying foreign youth player instead and give them experience in serie A . Just look at how many foreign players are just sitting on the bence istead of italian youth players

  7. Lupo

    Guys football has changed a lot and winning trophies 🏆 has become the most important thing no matter who are the players. So don’t worry 😉 and be happy.

  8. Jc

    Make Vlahovic a citizen. Nevermind these dudes. They ain’t gonna solve the problem.

  9. Faran

    Players like nicolo fagioli, lorenzo pirola, fillipo ranocchia and many more these are players that should be playing in serie a to make the step up to the national team instead of holding them back in serie b.

  10. Sempre italia

    I’m a fan, anything that improves the squad Italy needs strong dynamic players which these 3 players are
    Instead of players Mancini keeps picking like -Florenzi, Palmieri
    Insigna, Jorginho the injury prone Verratti whom are not doing agreat for the squad and failing
    we need a new direction with new players with who offer this and will give Mancini new options

  11. Joseph

    What’s surprising is that not one comment considers the usefulness of the players. That is the bigger concern – how do they actually help?

  12. cassman

    This ain’t looking good. Italy won the euros as underdogs with no expectations. Soon as the pressure comes back, well you see what happens. Just pray Chiesa and Verratti are fully fit come qualifications or the disaster will repeat

  13. Kruizer

    I’d like to see Lorenzo Lucca in senior team, Joao Pedro should be after him

  14. Sempre italia

    Verratti never scores or assists
    jorginho only scores from penalties no assits Palmieri never scores or assists
    Insigna scores now and again
    Ciro has stopped scoring
    Barella scores sometimes
    Lucatelli sometimes
    Florenzi never
    Bellotti never
    Berardi sometimes

    We need new options and players that can score if we carry on the way we are,
    We’re not going anywhere NI proved that
    England banged in well over 30 goals in qualifying this is now the level no goals no progression scoring just once a match is not enough now

  15. Jarod KNowles

    sorry I’m late I was hauling a crate of chocolates to bulgaria for Hans the swizz coach

    the rule of thumb is if you want to change players just put guys that are scoring in recent 3 months and pls follow my guideline as in playoffs we will have parked buses and Italy always have a hard time with this:

    We need to polish Chiesa’s closes, finishes and center his position in both Italy and Juventus and he will score 100 goals like a Baggio, remember he comes from Fiorentina where legendary strikers come from there.
    In fact his closes, finishes may not really be the problem, it’s his struggling from LS Wing (rubbing shoulders with linesman) to center beating down defenders and then gasping for air tries to take a shot. The coaches are at fault as they are overworking him collecting balls in no-man’s land. When you center this lad he will score 100 goals. If for the time being Chiesa is needed as a LS winger and cannot be positioned to the center we need to at the very least have a sort of LB Spinazolla who darts forward in to that LS Winger area Chiesa is in, thus allowing Chiesa to then have the freedom to go center and focus more on the finishes. It is either this or outright put him in the center. Vital to start doing this regiment now as Italy playoffs are in Spring.
    We have the strikers but their finishing technique is poor. Several key pressing issues to address in training:
    – Never attempt to score from the midfield like a canon ball, very few players actually score this way
    – Strike ball less aggressive so it dips inside the bar not over the bar
    – Strike ball less aggressive so it does not go wide
    – If up against a defender or 2 flick ball over as someone like Chiesa collects it and tries to score
    – Never strike ball at the keeper, but to the left side or right side of keeper. Imagine a bus (size of net) and keeper is a moving target or stationery, the striker is to strike either 2 windows to the left or 2 windows to the right of the keeper
    – If up against the keeper in a tight angle flick the ball over the keeper
    – Etcetera…

    Regarding the team roster, it is like running a business. If the player is under performing he needs to be removed.
    Also PK’s must no longer be taken by emotionally distraught Jorghino, they should be taken by grinta Bonucci.
    Also some players to remove from Italy are underachiever Insigne.
    Also some players to add to Italy are Politano, perhaps as a replacement of goals dearth Belotti.


  16. mick

    Unless any young CB’s step up I agree with this, Ibanez and Bastoni would be solid, Chellini and Bonucci getting on now, Acerbi is weak and error prone, Toloi is a blend player, maybe Chellini and Bonucci can still do it next year but it’s getting more risky as time goes by and its always hoping Chiellini can stay fit. Joao Pedro is better than Belotti right now, is he better than Balotelli though – no, Pedro runs more and may be Mancini wants a running forward that chases the ball down. Balotelli has pace but plays more like Ibrahimovic. Hoping for Lucca but does he really have a shot right now…

  17. mick

    Also – Chiesa could play CF but on the wing he’s devastating, Ronaldo was great with Benzema, Messi was great with Eto / Suaez. Ribery / Robben were great with Lewand are we turning a player who’s a natural on the wing to fix an issue, which means we lose out in a position where he can be so dangerous.

  18. Faran

    Matteo Lovato would also be a good call up for the senior team.

  19. Brandon

    No he would not. Definitely not ready.

    Witness Atalanta vs ManU when he came on for the injured Demiral.

  20. House Party

    I’m not a fan of this ruling at all! It’s like Rugby, makes me wonder if Montanna Ioane grew up on the banks of the Tiber after all?
    But they could come in useful for March. Joao Pedro can score goals, but at club level, so it’s still a bit of a gamble. While the other 2 could come in handy for March and well beyond that too. Bit surprised that Brazil haven’t picked Luiz Felipe yet? He’s a young but strong, capable defender. Whereas Ibanez is a Mancini type, skilful player. But Luiz Felipe Ramos already turned down the Italian U-21’s for Brazil. It’s like you’re choosing your country due to convenient circumstance or as a consolation prize? Rather than true preference, because you were born there or have ancestral roots somewhere else? I don’t blame the players. Who wouldn’t want international recognition? And I’m all for a united 🌎 with no boundaries or nationalities, but when it comes to football, I think it’d be best for FIFA to leave their strange, progressive, thinking behind! Soon Felipe Anderson will have played for Brazil, Italy + then at 35 he’ll come out of the wilderness to lead The French Foreign Legion to World Cup glory in Borneo 2030? Or at the first tournament to be held on a NASA moon base in 2034?

  21. dangerboy

    As far as Lorenzo Lucca, he wasn’t even on the bench last weekend. Anybody know why?

    Another thing, he seems to be stuck on 6 Goals for a while now. Seems like all his goals were scored in September and maybe 1 in October. He’s slowed down quite a bit.

    Alfredo Donnarumma or Dionisi might be a better option.

    We might have messed up by not capping Gianluca Lapadula. After not getting capped by Italy, he finally accepted Peru’s invitation (his mother is Peruvian).

    If anybody saw the last Copa America, he was excellent for Peru. Scored 3 goals for a real bad team. His workrate is next level and he has turned into a real fan favorite.

    Really FI?

    Deleting my comments despite nothing flammatory?

    Deleted other people’s comments despite nothing inflammatory by them either?

    New Rule: just nod your head in agreement with what FI publishes.

    Censoring me because I write that 10 of the 20 Clubs in A are owned by Americans is wrong. This is crippling our football.

    Hey, can you write another article on how Inhattaran bought a home in The Netherlands?

  22. Vittorio

    I actually welcome this for at least 2 reasons.

    1. International competition has changed. Greater competition means national team technicians and federations must search for all players eligible to play for their respective national teams.

    2. These three players consistently earn playing time in Seria A for each of their respective club teams.

    3. If they are willing and appreciate the chance to represent the Nazionale we must welcome their contributions and be thankful Mancini will have reinforcements and possibly game changers from whom to select.

    4. Yes, Italian Seria A managers and club management must give more preference to Italian youth to comptete more regularly at club level.

  23. Vittorio

    @Sempre Italia and Dangerboy…

    1. Precisely my thoughts as well. Any player who is eligible and improves the selection options for Mancini should be a welcomed relief.

    2. I watched Lapadula contribute to Peru’s cause on the Copa America. He should have been called up sooner. I remain frustrated about this.

    3. Luca may very well feature come the playoffs.

  24. TONINO

    The top form players and those that already understand Mancio and preferable if they already are used to the 4 – 3 – 3, then yes, otherwise very dangerous to start changing at the play offs. Definitely all those that have been called up like Castrovilli, Pellegrini (injury permitting) and Politano, Kean, I would but to start with brand new players, very dangerous indeed. Of the 3 Brazilians, I would only pick Luis Felipe. I prefer if they have Italian roots, then yes otherwise they will not have Italy in their hearts. As for the play offs, better that we meet good sides as we tend to relax too much instead meeting the likes of Portugal, Poland, Sweden, Czech Republic, we will be on our toes. The good thing about this system, it stops the sides that go out for a draw just like Sweden did 4 years ago. This time they cannot do this.

  25. Roy

    @House Party 😁😁 👍

  26. mikederob

    What a pathetic outcome. Proud Italia becoming a Brazil C team. How has it come to this? Serie A needs to let Italians play. We are in a terrible place at the moment.

  27. Brandon

    I’m really liking that earlier suggestion of bringing Mattia Amaru on possibly in place of Joao Pedro and quite frankly could even be pushing Pellegrini aside, Dare I say it even Jorginho.

    Good performance from him today in a Loss to Inter. Plus he made 1 appearance for the U21’s in his career.

    He’s 27 Years Old so it will only be a short term project but it could be worthwhile to give him a consideration.

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