Gabriele Gravina, the president of the Italian FA, provided an update onto the investigation into Juventus’ alleged financial wrongdoings.



The Bianconeri have been accused of secretly paying players wages during the early stages of the COVID pandemic, and investigators are currently combing through the club’s financial documents as they continue searching for any alleged wrongdoings. Andrea Agnelli and the Juventus board of directors all resigned on Monday.

Speaking at the Calcio&Welfare conference in Naples, Gravina discussed the investigation into Juventus.

“I do not like the idea of sanctioning some clubs, in the specific case Juventus, before there is a trial. There are investigations, there are acquisitions of acts, our public prosecutor’s office is on the alert, but we do not know the outcome and we let the ordinary magistracy go ahead.

“There is, however, a connection between the two branches of justice, we are waiting for what emerges from the trial and then we make a reflection on the system, but now let’s not blame and sanction the subjects before the investigations.”

The FIGC president was then asked if any alleged financial irregularities may have affected Juventus’ sporting results.

“It’s vox vostra, not vox populi. If we want to go on a lynching spree it’s not a problem, but let’s stay calm because I fear that this issue could also concern other subjects. 

“Some gratuitous remarks and attacks have come from those who should be looking at home and I think they are rather misplaced. 

“We are in close contact with UEFA, the international body, we are waiting for the trial and then we will draw conclusions.”

Investigators recently discovered a secret document signed by Juventus and Cristiano Ronaldo, where the club promised to secretly pay the five time Ballon d’Or winner around €19m.

Also discovered was around €34m in allegedly undeclared debt, further putting the pressure on the Bianconeri. The club risk being handed severe penalties, ranging from fines and point deductions to a possible relegation. 

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