FIGC furious after arrest of Referee’s Association chief prosecutor

The Italian Football Federation are livid after news broke that the chief prosecutor of the Italian Referee’ Association Rosario D’Onofrio had been arrested on international drug trafficking charges.

D’Onofrio resigned yesterday and it was later revealed that he was one of 42 people arrested for running an international drug trafficking organisation in Milan. The operation saw six tonnes of marijuana and hashish confiscated by the police. 

The Italian Referee’ Association (AIA) later announced that D’Onofrio had been put under house arrest in 2020 and kept this hidden when applying for promotion to chief prosecutor of the AIA.

La Gazzetta dello Sport details how FIGC president Gabriele Gravina is furious and has already demanded an explanation from AIA president Alfredo Trentalange, wanting to understand how it was possible for D’Onofrio to be appointed to his post considering his history. 

The Italian Football Federation want to know if anyone from the AIA even checked D’Onofrio’s history before making him chief prosecutor.

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