According to ANSA, the FIGC Prosecutor has formally ended an investigation into José Mourinho’s claims about referee Matteo Marcenaro, so Roma have five days to file a statement of defence, but the Special One could be fined or even suspended.

Mourinho had made headlines on Saturday by criticising the designated Sassuolo-Roma referee Matteo Marcenaro on the eve of the game.

“To be honest, I will say that I am worried about the referee. We had this official three times and I don’t think he has the emotional stability to work at this level,” he said.

“It is not just Sassuolo-Roma, we are three points off the Champions League places and it is a very important match for us.”

According to ANSA, as quoted by Sky Sport Italia, the FIGC Prosecutor has now ended an investigation into Mourinho’s claims for ‘harmful statements.’

Roma director Tiago Pinto was unaware of the FIGC investigation on Sunday, before the kick-off of Sassuolo-Roma.

“We have not received any news from the prosecutor that we are under investigation, but I hope for some common sense,” said the Giallorossi director. “In these 14 Serie A rounds this season, we saw some behaviour from coaches and staff on the touchline that has been far worse than Roma, but nothing happened.

“If we don’t come and talk to the media, they fine us. If we do come here and say something they don’t like, then we are investigated. I don’t understand it, to be honest.”

According to the report, Roma have now been informed about the end of the investigation. Hence, the club have five days to file a statement of defence or let Federal Prosecutor Giuseppe Chiné question Mourinho.

According to, the Portuguese coach could be fined or suspended following the FIGC investigation.

AIA Chief Carlo Pacifici had replied to Mourinho that his words could contribute to “creating and developing violence, especially in the lower leagues.”

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