FIGC Court explain Juventus’ 15-point deduction

The FIGC Court of Appeals has released the reasons why Juventus were handed a 15-point penalty in the capital gains case.

The Bianconeri were handed the point deduction, as well as bans to various current and former directors, for allegedly inflating player transfer values to falsify their capital gains.

Juventus were previously acquitted in the sporting case but the FIGC prosecutor requested a second trial after new documents were revealed from the Turin Public Prosecutor’s Office investigation.

ANSA reveals the reasons why the FIGC Court of Appeals gave Juventus a 15-point deduction, claiming the club “have committed a sporting disciplinary offence, taking into account the seriousness and the repeated and prolonged nature of the violation.”

The Old Lady’s culpability was ascertained by the court thanks to “the documentation from the club’s directors, with confessional value and from the relative manuscripts, the unequivocal interceptions and the further evidence relating to the concealment of documentation or even manipulation of invoices.”

Now that the reasoning has been revealed, Juventus are able to appeal the decision to CONI’s Collegio di Garanzia.

The Bianconeri are still at risk of receiving punishment from the Prisma investigation headed by Turin Public Prosecutor’s Office, which is exploring both the capital gains issue and the alleged secret salary agreements with players.

The FIGC also stated that:

“As far as the sanction is concerned, the Court has taken into account the particular gravity and the repeated and prolonged nature of the violation and the intensity and diffusion of awareness of the situation in the conversations between the managers of FC Juventus S.p.A.

“In the face of a picture of the facts radically different due to the impressive amount of documents received from the Turin Public Prosecutor’s Office that highlighted the intentionality underlying the alteration of the transfer operations and the relative values.”

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