The FIGC has approved changes to the Serie A format, so from the 2022-23 season there could be a Scudetto play-off.

Federation President Gabriele Gravina had been pushing the change for some time and it was made formal today in a meeting of the Federal Counsel.

If two teams finish level on points at the top of the table, then they will go into a play-off to decide who takes the Serie A title.

There will be no extra time, so if they are level after 90 minutes, it goes straight to a penalty shoot-out.

This is going to apply only to the Serie A title, so if teams are on the same points in the battle for a European place, that will still be decided by head-to-head record.

This is the system that was used until a few years ago, when the head-to-head record became the deciding factor.

In fact, the Scudetto was assigned by a play-off only once, when Bologna beat Inter 2-0 in June 1964.

Gravina has said he is in favour of a move towards the Scudetto being assigned via a series of play-offs in the future, to make the league more exciting.

16 thought on “FIGC approves Scudetto play-offs from 2022-23 season”
  1. Pity they don’t make real changes to improve the league instead of these gimmicks like play-offs and logo changes.

  2. It’s highly unlikely this scenario will happen. The last time a play off game was needed to decide the Scudetto was 1964! That’s probably the only fact this site has posted in some time. There more interested in baseless reports than actual facts these days. Jesus christ! All this talk of facts makes me sound like Rafa Benitez lol

  3. They really are bored it seems coming up with useless changes like this. Refereeing in Italy is the worst amongst the top European leagues. A big part of the chatter before matches is who is appointed referee (so much so that FI often mention who is the ref in the big games) and after the match.. lets not even go there.
    Clearly the focus is just flawed. They are trying to make the game American. Soon we’ll have playoffs like in MLS/NBA/NHL.

  4. Why dont we Why don’t we focus on the real problems that Italian football has? We won a European Championship and after that everything has been one humiliation after another. Something has to be done with the exaggerated number of foreign players who do not really contribute anything to the Italian league and as a consequence they take away a position or an opportunity for a potential national talent. Why don’t they approve the 6 + 5 law where they force all Italian soccer teams to place 6 natives for 5 foreigners? Returning to the subject of this new implemented rule, it is more than unfair since the most logical thing is that the champion is defined for the goal results obtained throughout the championship where including Fair play is a determining part.

  5. The idea of settling the title through a series of play-offs is not only ridiculous, it’s also incredibly unfair. There would inevitably be instances where a side will finish top by a decent margin; being clearly the best team over 38 games, only for them to then lose the title to a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th placed side that finished some way behind them.

  6. @Raffaele so how many native italian player playing for italian team. At least we have 6 native italian playing for each team 5 at most. You can blame the italian club not using their talent. Those youth need to step up. Look at zanio the kid from roman. He was given all oppotunities to grow but not much from him. Even scamacca and the kid from ac milan . When they refused to grow you dont expect club to wait for them. Look at bastoni and dimaco. When they grow inter used them and same to barella. So your 6 to 5 will never work. Or else the club we go backward again. Let start encouraging italian player to step up there game.

  7. Also, aren’t we supposed to be looking into having a smaller league in order to not flog the players to death and give us a better chance in Europe? And how will these extra play-off games at the end of a long season help the National team in a Euro’s or World Cup year??

  8. I’ve been watching Italian Football for a very very long time. And to get better you need to get worse.. they must implement a minimum of 6 starters that are Italian. This will force teams somewhat to play youth. You can have 5 foreign outfield players as suggested by Raffaele and max 2 or 3 on the bench. And let teams buy and have their owns stadiums for christ sake. We’re in 2022. Not 1961. This is the only way to nurture and develop Italian talent and bring more income for teams.

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