FIFA executive insists Italy at 2022 World Cup is ‘utopia’

FIFA executive member Evelina Christillin insists they ‘never discussed’ excluding Iran from the 2022 World Cup over barring female fans, while the idea of bringing Italy into the tournament is ‘utopia.’

There were suggestions FIFA would take action after Iran barred women from entering the stadium for their World Cup qualifier against Lebanon, even those 2,000 who had already purchased tickets.

As Iran have already been warned before, this might even have seen them excluded from the World Cup, with another nation called up in their place.

Sport Mediaset argued Italy would be contenders as the highest-placed side in the FIFA World Rankings who had not qualified.

However, FIFA executive member Christillin threw cold water over the entire outlandish theory.

“We had a FIFA executive meeting on Wednesday in Qatar and today had a congress with all the delegations, including Iran,” Christillin told Radio Uno.

“We never discussed excluding them from the World Cup. Even if they were, it would be another Asian side that was promoted in their place.

“Let’s just get this idea out of our heads that Italy could go to the World Cup, it’s impossible and the notion they could be recalled is utopia.”

Italy lost the play-off semi-final to North Macedonia, who in turn were then beaten 2-0 by Portugal in the final.

The Azzurri will miss out on the World Cup for the second edition in a row after 2018, but before that their only absence was in 1958.

The draw for the 2022 World Cup finals will be held tomorrow.

10 Comments on “FIFA executive insists Italy at 2022 World Cup is ‘utopia’”

  1. Shinter-dominated Azzuri is trash. Barella and Bastoni have ruined the Azzuri.

    When Juventus dominated Azzuri with the likes of Buffon, Del Piero & Cannavaro, Italy won the World Cup.

  2. Lol Cypher lol u make me laugh. Italy would of one nothing without Totti. Greatest Italian player ever to play. BTW DelPiero was on team because of Totti maybe not able to go. His gold was basically from Totti. No Totti, No party! You trash Inter players but it was Materazzi that scored?? Go watch England buddy

  3. Proves the open secret. Nsmely, the FiFA executive bias historically and in the present, against Italy.

    Infantino quietly expanding his FifA electoral base by sacrificing UEFA in favor of appeasing the cAsian and African confederations and their electoral delegations.

    The true Vittorio

  4. Did Italy lose YES.Did Iran TEAM win YES.If Iran is disqualified,can a Eiropean team take its place NO!

  5. Are you really looking for fish from muddy water?
    I mean, I did not see any more opportunistic argument than you that due to the high world ranking, we should replace Iran
    You never supported the presence of Iranian women in the stadium, you were just looking for your own false interests
    Shame on you

  6. @Vittorio , If u think FIFA has bias againt Italy, go read AFC’s bias against Iranian team and Iran’s National team. This year major Iranian clubs were excluded from Asian Champions League. Iran National team played the previous round of world cup qualifiers HOME matches in its rival countries. do you wanna know why ? cause Iran is simply anti-US Govt. Yet Saudi Arabia and UAE who have been raging a 7 years war against poor people of yemen killing 500k people so far never get any punishment like that. and Iran has never attacked any nation. So think before you talk about BIAS. Iranian people actually love Italian football. but this kind of talks about Italy replacing Iran just hurts Iranian people’s feelings who got first in their group despite every kind of sanction possible imposed on their nation and their national team.

  7. Italy really dreaming at noon. LOL. Even if Iran out, and even not Asian country replace them, it should be the team at the final stage. macedonia doing better than them and beat them 1-0, how come Italy go to the world come? Shameless LOL

  8. it’s not about an european team taking iran’s place…. FIFA law clearly says: “the highest FIFA ranking team will take the place.”…. it could’ve been colombia, chile, egypt, sweden, etc… but in this case, Italy is the one…. I dont think FIFA can turn away or ignore its own laws, guidelines, rules, etc,

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