FIFA are keen to introduce new rules regarding effective playing time ahead of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.



Effective playing time has become a hot topic in recent years as many complain that some games hardly even feature 60 minutes of actual play on the ball. A CIES Football Observatory carried out recently found that the ball is only in active play for 60.2% of the match on average in the Champions League.

As reported by Corriere dello Sport, FIFA want to increase the amount of effective playing time in matches ahead of the upcoming World Cup in Qatar, but first they’ll have to receive the green light from IFAB, the body that governs the laws of football.

Current estimations suggest that matches in the 2022 World Cup could feature at least ten minutes of extra time in order to solve this issue. Confirmation of this proposal came directly from FIFA president Gianni Infantino, who recently visited Italy.

13 thought on “FIFA considering playing time rule change ahead of 2022 World Cup”
  1. They should study Serie A. I swear in some matches the effective playing time drops below 50% with all the time wasting. Last night Bologna players and staff wasted a good 10, 15 minutes out of the last 30.

  2. @Milan Fan : I’ve seen Milan do the exact same thing tbh, but i generally agree it’s sometimes staggering and very frustrating if your opponent keeps dragging it and the referee’s just OK with it.

  3. Shorter games with stopped play clocks on stopped play . This continual time garbage is prehistoric.

  4. Personally, I think there have been too many changes to the game and most of them have caused problems. I would leave things alone. By the way, what’s this article to do with the Azzurri?

  5. @TONINO – Totally agree. We see too many articles here that have nothing to do with our beloved Azzurri.
    @Fab, – I agree. If they just stopped the clock when the ball goes out of play, when there are substitutions and when a player is injured, it would make the game better.

  6. Excellent idea…Let’s have the players who are already exhausted from playing too many games in a season play longer games. There definitely won’t be any more injuries or players missing extended amounts of time. Fans want quality games, with the best players on the pitch in their best condition, not more, longer, lower quality games. This reeks of media fanboys and corporate BS. Stoppage time already addresses the “ineffective playing time” and when a player goes down and stays down with an “injury” sometimes they’re just trying to catch their breath or allowing their teammates to do the same. Players aren’t machines.

  7. Typical FIFA… Just make up more crap to give tv channels more time to drop in ads. All about the money.

  8. The clock should stop every time ball goes out of play or referee blows his whistle and clock resumes when actual play starts will make time wasting obsolete also clock should be reset to time of infringement especially in situations where the game carries on before taken back for infringement

  9. The simple answer is that all football matches in a professional setting should be played to a clock , similar to Rugby Union. It will simply end time wasting and delays during free kicks, substitutions etc. But it means changing the way the game is run and rule makers are too anal to change them to give the game more appeal.

  10. So, What they want to do? Turn it 180 minutes to compensate for the off ball time? If so, they have to cancel all the international tournament garbage and all the other redundant club tournaments before.

  11. They should probably add 20 minutes of extra time if they’re going off a serie A study! It’s all theatrics 20% of the time.

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