Ferrieri Caputi: ‘Dreaming of Serie A debut for 16 years’

The first woman to officiate a Serie A men’s match had been ‘dreaming of this moment for 16 years,’ as Maria Sole Ferrieri Caputi thanked Sassuolo and Salernitana fans for making it ‘a celebration.’

She made history leading out the teams at the Mapei Stadium, awarding a penalty in Sassuolo’s 5-0 victory over Salernitana.

“I felt the same emotion as any referee does at the start of their career, like someone who was dreaming of this moment for 16 years,” she told RAI Sport.

“It came true today, it was wonderful and there was a lovely atmosphere in the stadium. The two sets of fans gave me a very warm welcome, it felt like a celebration.”

She had also officiated Serie B and Coppa Italia games in the past, as had other female referees, but this was a watershed moment in the top flight.

Sassuolo coach Alessio Dionisi spoke to DAZN after the match and refused to answer any questions about Ferrieri Caputi.

“I saluted her at the end, as I do with every referee. I don’t think we should talk about it too much, because then it seems like we are highlighting how unusual it is, whereas we ought to consider it normality. It makes absolutely no difference if the referee is a man or a woman.”

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