Federal Prosecutor investigates suspicious Serie A transfers

by | Oct 27, 2021 10:50

The Federal Prosecutor has opened an investigation into 62 suspicious transfers in Serie A, studying the exchange deals and capital gains due to possibly inflated valuations.

La Repubblica and Il Tempo claim a new possible transfer scandal has arrived on the table of Federal Prosecutor Giuseppe Chiné.

The reports claim COVISOC, the Supervisory Commission for Serie A clubs sent a detailed report to the Prosecutor and to the FIGC President Gabriele Gravina, asking them to look into the matter.

The supervisor claims certain businesses might have had significant impact on the accounts of various clubs in the top flight.

Napoli are cited for the Victor Osimhen affair, as four players moved to LOSC Lille for a total value of €20m and two of them are now in Serie D, one in Serie C and the fourth has remained in France without playing.

Juventus have 42 transfers on the list, with 21 players exchanged for a total of €90m, but the money that actually changed hands was just over €3m.

The case is now at the FIGC Prosecutor’s Office, who are yet to open any proceedings. But Federal Prosecutor Chiné is studying the documents and it’s not excluded that a case could be opened in the future.

Last year, a similar scandal hit Serie B in Italy, and ultimately resulted in docked points for Cesena and Chievo Verona – two clubs that later went bankrupt.



  1. Chris

    Juventus with 42 suspicious transfers?! They’ll be relegated to the Greek 4th division at this rate

  2. AP

    @Chris Time to stop paying refs and start paying judges


    Water is wet. Well they did use all their influence following the Calciopoli scandal. Rubentus have ONLY been relegated to Serie B, remember?

  4. Milan Fan

    One day the VAR files goes missing, the other tens of suspicious transfers emerge.

    There’s definitely corruption in this league. Makes me sick.

  5. Warme

    @milan fan

    And when the VAR files and transfers show up finally they show what Inter did, but then the statue of limitations has already passed…


    @Milan Fan

    Corruption follows money – they go hand in hand. Milan are part of it too. They were, after all, owned by Berlusconi – a true dirtbird if ever there was one.

    Look at Juve, Inter, Barca, R Madrid, PSG, the multiple criminal owners in the epl.

    Business is always full of crooks. And fans are knowingly funding it.

  7. Bajs

    Agnelli family are the biggest rats in italy.

  8. Al

    Looks like Inter are still furious about that penalty !


    Ladies and Gentleman, when people talk about corruption; Juventus here, Juventus there, Juventus everywhere!

  10. jones

    More great headlines for our league

  11. InterSpaC

    Nothing to see here. Its all Inter’s fault they paid Ronaldo 50 million a year and are not bankrupt for some reason. What excuses are they going to come up with now? Who is to blame now? Until the virus is ended it will continue to grow. Should have been killed in 2006 for the good of Italian Football. It took this long to realize Artur wasnt worth 200 million? Lol. Thieves will always be thieves

  12. Dar Black

    @InterSpaC. Juve are not bankrupt because Exor has put 400 million capital in. That’s not illegal, it’s called investment. Something your Chinese owners now can’t afford to do 😉 And Arthur wasn’t a 200 million transfer either – but why let facts get in the way of your blinding anger eh? Still smarting that you gave away a late penalty by any chance…..

  13. DARi0

    Watch this corrupt club get away with it once AGAIN, just because they can.

    They will escape punishment just like they did after the Luis Suarez citizenship exam saga, VAR files missing when Pjanic should have been sent off in the derby, etc. etc.

    Italian football will not heal like this, they basically encourage these attempts by not taking any action.

  14. Funny

    Funny how this suspicious transfers doesn’t have inter transfer when they have suspicious transfers too like pinamonti and radu to genoa back and forth and vanheusden to liege back and forth.

  15. svetoslav

    On the other hand transfer of pjanich and artur is totaly fine and legal for spanish government,transfers that juve did whit man city are totaly fine and legal foe England government too.But in italy buthurt INter fans in government are trying do destabilize evryone they fear on the pich.Last season it was juventus and lazio underfire,this season its juventus and napoli.This shitt BINTER team can only win if their competition is removed by offlead conspirations.And again wtf lukaku and other fishy inter transfers are not investigated ??????

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