Father complains about Griezmann’s red card, compares it to Ibrahimovic’s foul

by | Oct 20, 2021 15:43

Antonine Griezmann’s father complained about a red card shown to his son in Atletico Madrid-Liverpool: ‘Ibra got a yellow card, bunch of clowns.’

Last night, the French striker saw a straight red card for a high foot challenge on Roberto Firmino at the Wanda Metropolitano.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic committed a similar foul against Porto but only got a yellow card.

Griezmann’s father Alain saw similarities in the two fouls, although his son was sent off, while Ibra was only booked.

How Milan can qualify for the Champions League Round of 16

“Yellow for Zlatan and red for Griezmann, bunch of clowns,” Griezmann senior wrote on Instagram, posting a picture of Ibrahimovic’s foul.

After a few minutes, he removed the post, but it had already become viral and was shared by a few media outlets, including Calciomercato.com in Italy.

Liverpool, Atletico Madrid and Milan are all in Group B and the Reds are the leaders with three wins from three games.

The Rossoneri lost all their group stage games so far this season and need to collect at least seven points in the next three games to keep their qualification hopes alive.


  1. mike

    Lets be honest, he’s not wrong

  2. Rosario

    Both were max yellow cards. Both were looking at the ball only and in the case of Ibra, he got the ball first. The referee gave the game to liverpool. Even with 10 men, he had to overturn a penalty to keep liverpool winning.

    In Milan’s 3 matches so far, the refereeing has been atrocious. Last night, Tomori makes a nothing foul in the centre circle…yellow card. Meanwhole Leao gets hacked down thru studs running down the back of his calf…not even a foul. Pitiful.

  3. fossadeileoni27

    I don’t give a rat’s *ss…we were embarrassing yesterday vs Porto. We should have just defaulted the 3 points to them.

  4. futbol

    What goes around comes around. Milan got robbed agains Atletico because of Ref’s decisions. This time Atletico had to pay. Good

  5. ACM

    To futbol: The question is not to make Atletico pay, but rather if Milan will ever get compensated in this group matches.

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