Fan who racially abused Maignan says he ‘had drunk too much’

by | Sep 24, 2021 10:14

Davide Gabrielli, the fan who racially abused Mike Maignan on Sunday, wants to meet the Milan goalkeeper to apologise and tries to justify his actions saying he ‘had drunk too much.’

Gabrielli was identified by Police and Juventus and is expected to be banned from the Allianz Stadium after targeting Milan goalkeeper Mike Maignan with racist insults before the match between the Bianconeri and the Rossoneri on Sunday.

“I was a fool. That awful thing doesn’t’ belong to me and I apologize to everyone, starting with Mike Maignan. I am not a racist,” he told La Voce di Rovigo.

Juventus ban supporter who racially abused Maignan

“I had drunk too much, I was out of my mind and I did something indefensible,” he continued.

“I will take responsibility and I ask to meet the goalkeeper to apologise in person.”

However, Gabrielli was lucid enough to take a video while insulting Maignan and post it on a Telegram channel, writing: ‘Mission accomplished.’

Unfortunately, there have been many cases of racism in Italian stadiums since the beginning of the season.

Milan midfielder Tiemoue Bakayoko and Franck Kessié were targeted by a group of Lazio fans at San Siro, leading the FIGC to open an investigation.

Fiorentina striker Dusan Vlahovic also received racial abuse during La Viola’s away clash against Atalanta.

Serie A stadiums have reopened to 50 per cent capacity since the beginning of the season, but will soon open up to 75 per cent with a plan to reach 100 per cent by the end of October.

Serie A stadiums can open up to 75 per cent capacity


  1. Milan Fan

    Hahahaha clearly he’s still drunk and out of his mind if he thinks he’s gonna be rewarded by meeting Maignan!

    You are only sorry because you were caught. Being drunk (even if you were) brings what’s really inside of you to the surface so you’re not really making it any better.

    You are a piece of garbage.

  2. DB Milan

    I know any time I drink, I get my SS uniform out, and go find some people to racially abuse.

    What a sad attempt at redemption. Not fit to laces Maignan’s boots.

  3. Rosario

    @Milan fan.

    He actually owned up to his actions before being caught. Not that in any way somehow makes his actions any less poisonous.

  4. Rosario

    His excuse makes absolutely no sense. When confronted, he owned up to it and was very proud of what he had done. If he was truly sorry, you’d have thought he would’ve owned up and apologised immediately. He didn’t. He almost seemed to enjoy the limelight and attention, but now he has actually been made to suffer, he is apologising.

    Nothing makes me more sick than people who use the so called influence of drink and narcotics as an excuse for their actions.

  5. SL

    Alcohol drops your inhibitions, true colors come out.

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