Falcao’s son hits back at Cassano over Totti comments

by | Oct 27, 2021 14:09

Paulo Roberto Falcao’s son, Giuseppe, hits back at former Roma forward Antonio Cassano, who claimed Francesco Totti will be forgotten in 20 years. ‘I still remember your coat’.

Cassano defended Luciano Spalletti and said Totti ‘will be forgotten’, pointing at Lionel Messi, Diego Maradona and Johan Cruijff as the only ‘eternal’ players.

Spalletti was met by fans chanting the former captain’s name and continued to blame the former coach when he returned to the Stadio Olimpico last weekend.

Cassano: ‘Totti will be forgotten, only Messi, Maradona, Cruijff are eternal’

When Cassano defended the coach, he surprisingly attacked his former teammate and said Totti will be ‘forgotten in 20 years’.

That’s the comment that triggered Falcao’s son Giuseppe, as the Brazilian 68-year-old spent five years at La Lupa between 1980 and 1985 and his surname still gets attention in the Italian capital.

He posted a photo of Cassano signing with Real Madrid and said he ‘still remembers the coat’ from the presentation in 2007.

“Antó, after 40 years there are people in Rome who hear my surname and still get excited about talking about my father,” Giuseppe Falcao wrote on Twitter.

“Imagine if one can forget about Francesco… P.S. I remember very well your coat, for example.”

Antonio Cassano


  1. Pinturicchio


    Can you not publish this pathetic, washed up has-been Cassano’s articles for like 2 mins, Football-FAIL-BLOG?

    Calcio fans everywhere

  2. Damien Mastroprimiano

    I cannot believe the comments that come out of Cassano’s mouth sometimes! Actually all the time lmao! It could have turned out so different for him and he could have been a legend in his own right if he just kept his head down and shut up and played the game he had a god given talent for. What a shame. Also Forza Totti forever from a Juve fan! He will never be forgotten.

  3. fossadeileoni27

    Well said Damien Mastroprimiano…i agree.

  4. Ubirov

    Cassano is a clown 🤡. I’m pretty sure he pays for these publications…

  5. Lupo

    Cassano please shut your big trap.

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