Ex-referee Cesari: ‘Disallow Porto goal against Milan’

by | Oct 19, 2021 22:35

Former referee Graziano Cesari insists FC Porto’s winning goal against Milan should’ve been disallowed. ‘It’s a huge mistake, it’s unacceptable.’

The game was decided by Luis Suarez firing in from the edge of the box at the Estadio do Dragao, leading to Milan’s third consecutive Champions League defeat.

Much like the loss to Atletico Madrid, there was again controversy around the refereeing.

Champions League | Porto 1-0 Milan: Diaz beats the Diavolo

Medhi Taremi collided with Ismael Bennacer just outside the penalty area, allowing the ball to come down undisturbed at the feet of Luis Diaz for the goal.

German referee Felix Brych and VAR waved away appeals for a foul from the Rossoneri players and coach Stefano Pioli.

Analysing the footage on Mediaset, former referee Cesari argued this was “a huge mistake, it’s unacceptable” to let the goal stand.

“Bennacer was clearly looking up at the ball as it came down. Taremi evidently glances across to look at Bennacer and check his position, then barging into him. He is only interested in the player, not the ball.

“VAR should’ve helped the referee, because this would count as a clear and obvious error,” continued Cesari.

“It was similar to the penalty awarded to Liverpool today against Atletico Madrid, where the player again ignores the ball and goes directly onto his opponent.

“These are two wildly different interpretations of similar incidents.”

There was already a great deal of controversy around Milan’s Champions League campaign, as Atletico Madrid won at San Siro with a penalty awarded in stoppages for handball.

The footage there clearly showed that the Atleti player handled first, so VAR should’ve revoked the decision.

Felix Brych


  1. Milan Fan

    Of course it was a foul. The most clear and blatant one.

    People who say otherwise don’t know about football, should just stick to rugby.

  2. MaLdinis heIr

    Milan were always going to face an uphill battle in this group but they have really been let down by the referring in the last two games.

  3. Chris

    No excuses! This was a game they needed to win. I can understand not winning against Liverpool and Atletico who are seasoned participants in the CL. But this was Porto with all due respect. Milan did have injuries but they should have still been able to get the win.

  4. tom

    In all fairness Porto had so many chances , Milan weren’t that great this game at all

  5. Goli

    A lose is a lose.

  6. victor

    Apart from the ref’s decision, did we do anything to deserve a point ? Their goalkeeper might as well have stayed at home.

  7. Viron

    This game goes on to show the importance of Theo and to some extent rebic to the Milan.
    Except for these two we had almost our best 11. Toss up between Tonali and Kessie.
    But still. Porto were superior and were running with ease at our back line.

  8. Vero Rossonero

    @Viron, yes, but in my opinion the real missing link is Brahim. Diaz is our playmaker and his dribbling and passing are sorely being missed right now, and we have no alternative to him. If Rebic is out we still have Leao and while Theo is almost as hard to replace as Diaz we do have players that can play in his position.

  9. Paul

    @Chris, with all due respect, you don’t know what you’re talking about. Porto has been in the CL more times than Liverpool and Atlético AND has more wins than Atletico. That’s the cool thing about football, sometimes, coming from a stronger league or having a much larger budget don’t win matches or competitions.

  10. Sandy

    Seems like the ref made up for it by not calling a penalty against Kalulu at the end of the game….

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