Former Lazio and Salernitana midfielder Sofian Kiyine’s horrific car crash could’ve been so much worse, revealed his agent. ‘A few minutes earlier, two teams of children were playing indoor football. It’s a miracle.’

The Morocco international lost control of his vehicle and smashed straight through the glass window of a sports centre.

His car was destroyed, but incredibly Kiyine managed to avoid any serious injuries.

“He has a few vertebrae out of place, but nothing that will stop him returning to football and his life is not in danger,” agent Luciano Malagnini told

“He never lost consciousness and they had to sedate him at the hospital because he was so agitated, but the tests showed he is essentially unharmed. They are keeping him there for a few days for more tests, I think within 10 days or so he will be back in training.”

When the car crashed through the glass window of the sports centre, the hall was empty, but the agent reveals that a far worse tragedy was avoided by only a few minutes.

“Just before, two teams of children were playing indoor football in that hall. Fortunately they had already left when the crash happened, or it could’ve been a massacre. Even just looking at the footage of the crash, I think it must be a miracle, an angel saved him and didn’t want there to be death today.

“I daren’t think what might’ve happened if that had been a wall rather than glass.”

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