Ex-Juventus coach Pirlo, Baronio, in Twitter spat with fans

by | May 23, 2022 10:00

Roberto Baronio, who worked as a coach at Juventus when Andrea Pirlo was in charge, was involved in a Twitter spat with Bianconeri supporters on Sunday.

Following Saturday’s 2-0 defeat to Fiorentina which brought Juve’s season to an end, Baronio tweeted an emoji of an expressionless face.

On Sunday, he followed the tweet up by responding to the abuse he had received fon the back of the original post.

Baronio wrote: “Good morning. I wake up, open Twitter and see loads of offensive comments towards me, for what? For an emoji that YOU interpreted on a “sporting” level… those who follow me on other social media will be aware I am going though a “situation” at home.

“So if before judging you really understood? Sometimes we dwell on the cover and think we know how it will end! Head held high.”

Baronio was part of the coaching staff during Pirlo’s season at Juve in which he was dismissed following a fourth-place finish and elimination in the Champions League last-16. 

Allegri was brought in to replace Pirlo but failed to match his predecessor’s achievements. Pirlo won the Coppa Italia and Supercoppa, whilst Allegri lost in both finals. 

The current Juve boss also finished fourth and was knocked out in the Champions League last-16 but earned eight fewer points in Serie A and scored 20 fewer goals. 

Baronio, who spent much of his playing career with Lazio, has a Cup Winners’ Cup medal from his time with the Biancocelesti and won the Supercoppa on three occasions over a 10-year period. 


  1. Martinn

    Imagine Vlahovic with Pirlo…. what could have been. Remember trophies? What could have been.

  2. Steve

    Allegri leaves nothing to be desired,his tactics was his own undoing.he has not improved the team and don’t think he will.do you want to tell me all juve players are bad. Non of them even made the team of the season. Allegri is the one who needs to change,if you put new wine into old wine skin,it will still taste old. I think juve has platoon and are in a transition now.

  3. Adi

    Allegri is a fooking dinosaur 🦕

  4. Del Piero

    Why are our supporters abusing Baronio for. Even if the emoji was regarding the Juve game. Pathetic coach we have with Pathetic tactics.


    How dare you. PhD Max, master and commander of shutting up shop after 10 minutes is the most decorated coach in the game. You do not get to come back to Juve for a second time unless you have the Feng Shui master’s record. 6 time Scudetto winning coach, with no competition and team ready built. 2 time CL runner up winner and not too long ago. The list goes on and next season all will bow down to the full implementation of the reverse back, back, down, down. You will see the reinvigorated Roberto Carlos down the left and Cafu on the right. Dusan now has more experience and understanding of what the fossil wants, and how to help defend as well. Grande Max.

  6. undercover buffon in disguise

    User LORD ALLEGRI PATRON OF SLOW… you are the real mvp of this comment section. Always make me laugh! “back,back, down down” PhD Max lol xD

    Allegri’s back, back, down, down-manoeuvre also known as The Allegri rocking cradle of death. 😉

  7. G

    Vlahovic with Pirlo? Ronaldo was 10x better than Vlahovic and Pirlo barely made CL lmao

  8. Cypher

    Vlahovic > CR7
    CR7 is finished.

  9. Del Piero

    Ronaldo was 10x better than Vlahovic? Ronaldo spent 3 seasons at Juventus. Where as Vlahovic has been there since January. Failed to achieve what he was bought in to do. Not blaming Ronaldo for that as that lies with the management and board. 100m to bring him 30+ million a season, failure all round. Juventus would have won the 2 league titles they did with Ronaldo had he not been there because there was zero competition.

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