Ex-Inter ace Eto’o avoid jail after admitting €3.8m Spain tax fraud

Former Inter forward Samuel Eto’o was handed a 22-month suspended sentence as he avoided jail after admitting tax fraud of €3.8 million in Spain.

Eto’o, who played in Spain from 1997 to 2009 at various clubs, said of the sentence on Monday: “I admit the facts and I am going to pay what I’m due, but let it be known that I was a just a child then and that I always did what my former agent Jose Maria Mesalles, who I considered like a father, asked me to do at that time.”

The ex-Cameroon international will pay back the €3.8m tax owed for image rights from 2006 to 2009 as well as a €1.8m fine.

Mesalles was also handed a one-year suspended sentence, though the prosecution had requested a four year and six month jail term for both.

Eto’o started his career at Real Madrid and had loan spells at Leganes, Espanyol and Mallorca before joining the latter permanently.

From there, he joined Barcelona in 2003 and won the Champions League twice – scoring in both finals.

In Italy, he played for Inter and was a key element of the Treble winning side on 2009-10 before later returning with Sampdoria in 2015.

3 Comments on “Ex-Inter ace Eto’o avoid jail after admitting €3.8m Spain tax fraud”

  1. Jube fans are really not a bright bunch

    If you read the article, the tax fraud was committed during his time playing for various clubs in Spain, which had nothing to do with Inter or Juventus

    Crawl back to your hole, you troll

  2. @Bukruqul
    Don’t worry, Moggi has enough faults for himself and his entire club, we don’t need him to carry the burden of others’ faults. Let him be as man as Eto’o and admit his own mistakes.

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