EURO U19: Azzurrini falter against France

Italy are in the European Under-19 Championship semi-finals, but were beaten 4-1 by France and therefore finish second in the group after taking the lead.

Both teams already knew their status in the final four was safe going into the game, having won their two matches against Romania and Slovakia.

The Azzurrini had taken the lead through Roma youth team player Cristian Volpato, who was sent through by a Giuseppe Ambrosino assist.

However, Italy had made nine changes from the team that beat Slovakia and it showed, as they became increasingly disjointed.

Florent Da Silva smashed in a ferocious right-foot strike off the inside of the far post after a cheap give-away and an even worse error from goalkeeper Gioele Zacchi gifted Loum Tchaouna to turn it around.

Volpato forced a desperate save one-on-one and Diego Coppola’s header thumped the upright on Volpato’s free kick.

France dominated as the game wore on, Tchaouna making it four goals in three games for this tournament from a tight angle into the roof of the net and Tayrik Arconte sent clear by a sensational Alan Virginius pass.

Italy are now almost certain to face England in the semi-final, while France will probably be up against Israel or Serbia.

France 4-1 Italy

Volpato 16 (I), Da Silva 24 (F), Tchaouna 37, 69 (F), Arconte 79 (F)

11 Comments on “EURO U19: Azzurrini falter against France”

  1. Two bad mistakes on Tchaouni’s 2nd goal (the 3-1). First defender got beat far too easily, and then they bit too hard on the right footed cross, instead of being prepared for the cutback and shot.

  2. You’ve also got to remember the two best players in the team weren’t allowed to be called up…

  3. Forza Arrurrini.
    France were not that good.It was our disjointed team that made them look good.
    We had three or four good scoring opportunities, we were just unlucky, the ball just did not seem to want to go in.And then we gave up.
    The same when the senior team played Germany.Germany are not THAT good.It was us that made them look good.

  4. @ Tony – You obviously do not know much about Italian football to come out with a statement like that!

  5. Too many defensive mistakes. Zacchi was culpable on both the 2nd (poor giveaway) and 3rd (beaten at his near post).

    Italy created a number of chances but were not clinical – same as in game before against Slovakia.

    Miretti, Volpato, Ghirardi, Ambrosino, Casadei, Bandanzi look to be solid prospects. Most have have looked decent but Nasti and Coppola are two which IMO have struggled.

  6. It’s a promising sign that Volpato is with the youth Italy teams.

    With Australia trying to secure his services, and them dangling the carrot of being participants at the next World Cup while Italy is not, I think the boy has it in his heart to play for Italia.

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