Esposito: ‘I would’ve stayed in Italy but the offers are what they are’

Sebastiano Esposito underlined his desire for first team football and revealed a brief interaction he had with returnee Romelu Lukaku.

The 19-year-old Italian forward is returning from his loan spell at FC Basel and appeared today at CONI alongside Romelu Lukaku and Kristjan Asllani to undergo a round of medical tests. Esposito will not stay with Inter, however, as he’s heading out to join Anderlecht on loan.

Speaking to reporters via Calciomercato this afternoon, Esposito commented on his move to Anderlecht and his quest for regular minutes.

“I don’t want to wait but I want to play, in any country. I would have done it in Italy, the offers are what they are and I’m brave enough to face a second experience abroad.

“I’ve said goodbye to Lukaku, he’s very fired up. My goal remains to return to Inter.”

At the age of 17, Esposito broke into the Inter first team under Antonio Conte in the 2019-20 season, where he made seven Serie A appearances and scored one goal. He quickly rose to prominence as one of the most exciting young Italian talents, but successive loan spells have seen his stock fall a little.

After a decent year on loan with FC Basel, Esposito will now be looking to shine with Anderlecht in an attempt to earn a spot in the Nerazzurri squad.

8 Comments on “Esposito: ‘I would’ve stayed in Italy but the offers are what they are’”

  1. All the best to him. If Italian clubs don’t give their own a chance, might as well go abroad.

    Shouldn’t have to be this way, but.

  2. I think all these young guys should do this , at least they will play, since the Italian system is archaic and doesn’t have any faith in their youth systems. Will be banned for this comment 😀

  3. He’s more like totti than baggio, typical serie a – concentrate on too many players between 27-34yrs old – serie b is too poor for him to play in, he should have looked for a move to englishh championship level instead like QPR or go to the dutch league / turkish league = better leagues

  4. The amount of drivel and scat spewed in these comment sections would take up the landfill of a major city.

    Look at Mahmood Mohammed Ahmed for example. Comes on an Italian football related website to denigrate Italian football, all the while his local league doesn’t even exist. The only time it gets any use is when there is a stoning episode post a kangaroo court order.

  5. Shame on Seria A leadership, Rosario, for sacrificing Italian youth at the altar of foreign talent.

    Seria A leadership and club management have done a great disservice to the Nazionale.

    We have missed 2 World Cup participations because of this. Our Under 17 and 19 barely achieve tournament knockout stages.

  6. Sadly this is the future for any young Italians hoping to continue their development, good luck young man

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