Inter are open to sell Christian Eriksen to a country where he can play, as the Denmark international is ‘temporarily inhibited’ by the medical authority in Italy.

The Nerazzurri have explained the situation of the Denmark international, who collapsed during the EURO 2020 match against Finland this summer.

Eriksen has defibrillator implanted, but Serie A career is in danger

After suffering a cardiac arrest during the game at Parken Stadium, Eriksen had a heart defibrillator implanted and his career in Serie A could be over if the ICD is permanent.

Inter published a statement to explain that they are open to let the player leave San Siro, as the former Tottenham playmaker can’t be registered for 2020-21.

“With reference to the registration rights of the player Eriksen,” the club wrote in a statement. “it should be noted that following a serious injury which occurred during the European Championship in June 2021, the player has been temporarily inhibited by the Italian medical authority from sporting activity in the current season.

“Although the current conditions of the player don’t meet the requirements of achieving sporting fitness in Italy, the same could instead be achieved in other countries where the player could resume competitive activity.”

The Nerazzurri has not closed the door on a possible sale, assuming he will be able to obtain the green light to resume activity in another country.

Inter confirmed they could consider to ‘proceed with the sale of the player to a foreign team where the current conditions don’t exclude the possibility of obtaining eligibility’.

13 thought on “Eriksen can’t play in Italy, Inter open for possible move abroad”
  1. Goes to show just how SH!T Inter as an organisation and club are:

    the guy nearly DIED whilst playing football; but all Inter can think of is “hmmm lemme make some money out of his misfortune”

  2. @Pinturicchio Stop chatting shit. As you said this guy nearly died and all you can think about is the other club. I support Juve but the way he has been treated at Inter after the incident is nothing short of exemplary. They supported him when he needed and gave him all the tools to come back stronger.

    As @Vittorio said, It’s obvious he wants to play football again and he can’t do it in Italy while he has the heart device installed so what is he gonna do? Just watch every match from the sidelines?

    Tired of idiots like you ruining the story by only thinking like an old caveman with their tribalistic views “LOOK, ERIKSEN NEAR DEAD, HE NO PLAY, INTER DUMB, ONLY MONEY”
    Shut up and go back to your basement.

  3. Its more of a case of how would any team let him play given the risk? Inter show dilligence amd compassion here protecting him from himself.

  4. @Pinturicchio. The only SH!T organization is the white and black one horse trading primavera players to inflate their value to pad the books, signing the best player in the world and performing WORSE than before, hiring and firing two managers after one season and then eating reheated soup, and to top it all off facing historic debts. From FORBES no less:

  5. @Pinturicchio
    must be really hard to be you. deepest sympathy to anyone who knows you.
    you should just read what LDN wrote. I doubt you will understand any of that, but if you can ask someone to explain it to you, do it please!

  6. @M0r0n$ with a 1-D brain

    How about Inter say “this is an exceptional case, the life of this player is at stake, and we would rescind the contract and allow him to walk away. We wish him a safe future”

    What prevents a good club from doing this in such an extreme case?

    Is it philanthropy that they’re asking for a certain sum? Or genuine concern?

    Freaking bunch of brainless idiots you are, especially that dipwad who calls himself a Juventino and fails to comprehend the nuance of the situation.

  7. @Pinturicchio: you have some truth but if they really care about the player they will say this:

    “we will continue to pay his contract until it expires and if he decides to leave and finds a team desperate enough to sign him we will let him leave for free. We could never profit off of his misery”

    but we all know that a team who registered 380 million in revenue last season and reported a $ 246 million loss could not afford to do that so isn’t there insurance that can cover his salary and just write off his transfer fee and let him leave for free ?

    Besides, only the Dutch league can play him so do you think a Dutch team will pay a transfer fee?

  8. Only Rubentino fans thought of making a profit! Which club do you think would PAY for damaged goods? You only think of money. How much do you think a club would pay for him?! GET REAL.

    BTW Did you hear about insurance? Clubs take all the measures to protect themselves, players are insured against injuries.


    Did you read the article? if you did them you miss the part that says :

    Inter are open to sell Christian Eriksen to a country where he can play, as the Denmark international is ‘temporarily inhibited’ by the medical authority in Italy.

    Looks like your statement is wrong so i will revise it to make it right :

    Only Football-Italia thought of making a profit!

    Unfortunately i cannot revise inter’s Italian record as the only Italian team to fail to pass the champions league group stage 3 years in a Row BUT Inter can rewrite it by being he only Italian team to fail to pass the champions league group stage 4 years in a Row !!!

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