England face Italy and Hungary match investigations

by | Oct 13, 2021 18:59

England will face possible UEFA sanctions over crowd trouble before and after the EURO 2020 Final with Italy, but also more problems with Hungary fans at Wembley Stadium last night.

The flagship venue for English football is at the centre of multiple controversies over safety, policing and stewards after months of chaotic scenes.

UEFA are set to hold the hearing on Monday into the huge problems seen during the EURO 2020 Final on July 11.

Hundreds of ticketless fans were able to gain entry and barge their way through gates before kick-off, aided by brawls outside between England supporters and with police.

It’s reported the English FA could be charged with violating Article 16 (2) (h) of the UEFA Disciplinary Regulations, which says all associations are liable for a lack of order or discipline inside or around the stadium.

Italian media who had been present for the semi-final at Wembley between England and Denmark had also reported of multiple people gaining entry without tickets.

To make matters worse for England, Wembley saw incidents last night during the 1-1 draw with Hungary as well.

Hungary fans, with reports some Polish supporters had united with them for this game, clashed with police in the stands and one was arrested on suspicion of racially abusing a steward.

Footage showed the Hungary fans able to beat back police, who retreated down a stairwell, again asking big questions over the security and organisation at Wembley Stadium.


  1. Feroli

    Ah c’mon cut them some slack. they only reach a final every half a century or so and they need home advantage so let them enjoy their thuggery. Mind you, they do it anyway. Two finals in 150 years of International football. I’ll repeat that – TWO finals. EVER.

  2. TSObhung

    UEFA and France Football not glad to see Italian got hurts? lol

    Why punish English the punisher? lol

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