Embarrassment for Roma starlet as friend warns Mourinho they will do cocaine

by | Oct 8, 2021 12:48

Roma starlet Nicola Zalewski appears in a video that has gone viral on social media and shows him with a friend who seems to suggest they will do cocaine: ‘We will snort it, understand Mourinho?’

The video was posted on Instagram by Zalewski’s friend Zep Dembo an Italian trap rapper who is quite popular in Rome.

“I tell you the truth, tonight this friend will snort it,” the trap rapper said.

“Mourinho, tonight we snort, we are doing it.”

The video lasts only a few seconds and was quickly removed from Zep Dembo’s Instagram stories.

However, it became viral on other social media and according to Calciomercato.com it was watched by Roma directors too.

It remains to be seen whether Zalewski understood what his friend said, but according to the same report, Roma could fine their starlet.



  1. Burky

    Easy to find out, Anti-Doping MUST test him ! It stays in your body a while so they can easily find it and they have the OBLIGATION to do so !

    Adrian Mutu at Chelsea, remember?etc

    If this would be a Lazio Player, even Lotito would go ti prison. Let’s see how unbiased the FIGC and the parties involved.

  2. MARCO

    No big deal…this was a Tuesday Morning for Diego back in the ’90s!!

  3. COke

    Don’t flatter yourself Burky, nobody cares about Lazio or your cheap owner Lotito. Good luck extending your losing streak against Inter.

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