Elkann breaks silence after Agnelli and Juventus board of directors resign

John Elkann, the CEO of Juventus’ holding company Exor, called the resignation of Juventus’ board of directors ‘an act of responsibility’.

Chairman Andrea Agnelli and the rest of the board of directors unexpectedly resigned on Monday, leaving the club in disarray during the mid-season break. Juventus’ worrying financial situation precluded the move and the club are at serious risk of punishment due to hidden player salary payments during the early stages of the COVID pandemic. 

Below is Elkann’s statement in full:

“The resignation of the Juventus Board of Directors represents an act of responsibility, putting the interests of the Company first.

“The new Board that will be created in January will be made up of highly professional technical and legal figures, led by President Gianluca Ferrero, together with the other directors, they will have the task of addressing and resolving the legal and corporate issues that are on the table today. I am confident that the company will be able to prove that it has always acted correctly.

“Maurizio Scanavino, who has demonstrated solid managerial skills in all the companies where he has worked, will use his experience, especially in the media and digital areas, to accelerate the development of Juventus, one of the strongest brands in the world. 

“Massimiliano Allegri remains the point of reference of the Juventus sporting area, we count on him and on the whole team to continue to win as they have shown to be able to do in recent games, keeping our objectives high on the field. 

“I want to thank my cousin Andrea for giving us extraordinary emotions, which we will never forget. In these 12 years we have won so much. The credit is mainly his, as well as the women and men who have achieved memorable goals under his leadership.

“Our history speaks of victories and gives us the strength we need precisely in these moments. With the support and affection of our fans, we have the opportunity to build an extraordinary future.”

Juventus are also under investigation for allegedly falsified capital gains in their 2019, 2020 and 2021 financial statements, with accusations that player values were inflated in order to help balance the club’s books. 

It’s still unclear what punishment Juventus will face at this stage and whilst many are calling for relegation, it seems incredibly unlikely that this will occur. More likely is a large fine or possibly even points deductions, but no final decisions have been made yet.

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  1. Professionals sure. Professionally skilled in wrong math but masters at hiding the figures under the bed. PhD Max is certainly a reference point, a focal point for 1600 BC Coma Calcio. Now lets see if he can work his magic in the second hand market league.

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