Circa 400 Eintracht Frankfurt fans have arrived in Naples, but it seems they are accompanied by Atalanta ultras, creating even more danger of potential clashes with Napoli supporters.

The Champions League Round of 16 tie is at the Stadio Diego Armando Maradona on Wednesday at 20.00 GMT.

Local authorities initially banned anyone from Germany buying a ticket due to security fears, but tightened that after losing a legal appeal to just those who are born in or resident in Frankfurt.

Nonetheless, circa 400 Eintracht fans have already arrived in the city of Naples, coming by train from Bergamo, Salerno and Bari.

Going in via Bergamo raised a few eyebrows and it is now reported that they are accompanied by Atalanta ultras.

It is feared the Atalanta organised fan groups helped Eintracht Frankfurt to purchase tickets and bypass the restrictions.

They could also try to enter the stadium in order to cheer on the Germans, creating a potential powder keg.

Atalanta only recently played Napoli and there were only six fans present because the ultras had been banned from travelling due to security concerns.

Even worse than the potential of trouble inside the stadium is the fear that as they are already in the city, there will be clashes in the streets and cafes ahead of the match.

That is what happened ahead of the first leg in Frankfurt and Napoli captain Giovanni Di Lorenzo released a video urging all supporters not to ‘fall for provocation’ or seek revenge attacks.

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