Ecuador to be excluded from 2022 World Cup, Chile or Italy promoted

Ecuador could be thrown out of the 2022 World Cup tomorrow for falsifying a player’s passport, but Chile are more likely than Italy to take their place.

FIFA are due to make a decision on the controversy tomorrow morning and Ecuador’s position is looking uncertain at the moment.

They are accused of falsifying the birth certificate and therefore the passport of player Byron Castillo to make it look as if he was born in Ecuador.

Following a complaint from Chile, it was claimed Castillo was born in Colombia and does not have the right to Ecuadorian citizenship.

In theory, Italy would be promoted to the World Cup as the eliminated team highest in the FIFA world rankings.

However, it is more likely FIFA will assign defeats to Ecuador in the qualifying games where Castillo played instead of just outright excluding them from the World Cup.

That would therefore push Chile into the tournament instead, therefore maintaining the balance of South American teams.

Castillo has nine senior caps for Ecuador, playing in eight World Cup qualifiers.

Ecuador have been placed in Group A with hosts Qatar, the Netherlands and Senegal.

34 Comments on “Ecuador to be excluded from 2022 World Cup, Chile or Italy promoted”

  1. “Following a complaint from Chile, it was discovered Castillo was in fact born in Colombia and does not have the right to Ecuadorian citizenship.” It was not discovered you made this based on rumors FIFA has yet to make a statement about any of this…

  2. We know Italy won’t get Eeuador’s spot so hurry up FIFA and give it to Chile already. Hate having to constantly read about the false sense of hope when deep down.

    Sadly, it won’t be Italy.

  3. FifA is corrupt, anti-Italian, and is lead by a globalist marxist in Infantno.

    Infantino, much like the henchmen of the FiFA executive committee, will make decisions based on electoral interests rstger than established rules.

    Infantino is seeking re-election and will approve of any decision that is deemed “equitable” to ensure capturing broader electoral support at the expense of UEFA, and European interests and especially at the expense of Italy.

  4. This is just gossip and not based in facts. Wait for FIFA decision, which will be made for money not fairness

  5. If it’s true then give the ticket to Italy ,it will force the south American authorities to be much more vidilant and it will also make sure ,no national team will think of trying it again ,on the planet.

  6. I would rather not qualify this way, regardless of the rules. We lost our games. Let’s be mature about it and accept our fate. Chile should get the call, that would be the right decision.

  7. Without all Historical Big Teams the world loses its glamour. As an Argentina fan I will miss Italy. Hopefully they will arrange a Play off between Chile and Italy to give them a second chance..

  8. I’d love it if Italy were chosen, I mean, as per the rules they have to be. Whether we deserve it or not, I don’t care. Let’s go there and win it hahaha.

  9. I see a lot of comments here saying stop it with the hope, but the thing is… it’s not hope. By the letter of FIFA’s own law, the next highest *FIFA* ranked team replaces the country being expelled. What is the point of these laws and regulations if they’re not followed? Honestly if I were the Italian FA I would press FIFA about it. If they don’t want to enforce this rule they shouldn’t have written it that way. Further more, I like how people are acting like South America would be getting a place stolen from them if the spot is given to Italy. Give me a break. South America goes into every World Cup knowing that at least 4 teams will be in it, with the possibility of a fifth. That’s a ridiculous 40-50% of their ten members. And people say Europe has too many teams…

  10. Italy is in of the easiest stage group to qualify for world cup see N. Macedonia yet they still think they are one of the best in the world.
    Chile does this every 4 years uses legal system to try to get in cause they can’t do it on the soccer field.

  11. why should Italy be involved? it was a team cheating a 1000 of miles away from Europe, but as per usual with the European imperialistic thinking that they are entitled. If the Italians weren’t capable of beating fellow European teams and losing to Argentina, does this mean they should go through? with that way of thinking if Juventus cheated in the Champions League Final does that mean River Plate or Sao Paolo should be given the Champions league trophy? No because it’s a different federation…logic

  12. 2 days down for Maintenance and FI still can’t fix their message board. Despite every 3rd message by posters asking what the issue is?

    Talk about being tone deaf.

  13. @cheating Ecuadorian … what on earth are you talking about? Imperialism? South America already is far, far over represented at the World Cup compared to any other confederation. When half of all the teams have a chance to get in, you’re over privileged. As for your “Champions League” example, you’re completely wrong. European teams never play in South American competitions and vice versa. The World Cup is just that, a World Cup, so there’s absolutely no reason why a South American team necessarily has to replace Ecuador.

  14. Not only that, but why Chile?

    Chile finished in 7th Place, lol.

    – If Ecuador’s Results are to be excluded, then Chile finishes in 6th and still out.

    It’s Peru in automatically and the Playoff spot now goes to Colombia.

    Even if the ineligible player played for Ecuador in a match versus Chile, then the Result goes 3-0 to Chile. So Chile now gets 3 Points and finishes with 22. Still puts them in 7th.

  15. FI,

    Why don’t you do what your Chilean counterparts are doing? If you are journalists, dig up the alleged RULE that is in place that states that in the event of an expulsion, the spot goes to the team with the highest FIFA Ranking?

  16. OK. Upon further investigating.

    If the Ecuador Results were excluded based only on the matches the ineligible player took the pitch, Chile go to 4th.

    Conveniently enough Peru still finish in 5th and play Australia in the Playoff.

  17. In fact on investigating it was something just written by a journalist as an idea if Iran were kicked out. So unless Switzerland get kicked out, or Portugal and North Macedonia cheated then Italy has zero chance.

  18. It would be fair if Italy takes Ecuador’s place. a 20 year revenge for the Byron Moreno fiasco, the Ecuadorian referee who cheated and led to Italy’s 2002 World cup Elimination.

  19. Ecuador to be excluded says the clickbait title. Ecuador may be excluded is first words of article. Ecuador aren’t excluded is the truth. Also how would Italy get a place? It would go to a SA side…you wouldn’t want Netherlands and Senegal anyway. Italy just accept your fate.

  20. with the current rule, Italy is deserved to replace Ecuador. Need to revise the rule first if Chile which is the same continent but not the highest FIFA rank to replace ineligible team in the future.

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