Dybala’s future at Juventus in doubt: could leave as a free agent

by | Dec 28, 2021 09:58

According to reports in Italy, Juventus will ask Paulo Dybala to change the terms of the agreement reached a few weeks ago, so the player could decide to leave the club as a free agent at the end of the season.

Dybala’s contract at the Allianz Stadium runs out in June 2022.

The striker and Juventus had shaken hands on a €10m-a-year deal until 2026. The Argentinean would have earned €8m plus €2m add-ons.

The player’s agent Jorge Antunu had travelled multiple times to Turin but failed to put pen to paper on a new agreement.

Initially, it was due to bureaucratic issues, mainly regarding Antun’s status on the FIGC agent register.

Now, according to La Gazzetta dello Sport, there is a new problem. Juventus are determined to change the terms of the agreement with the player, primarily due to his physical issues.

Dybala has missed nine games this season and despite being the best scorer in the black and white half of Turin with eight goals in 17 appearances, he is the 11th Juventus player for minutes played this term (1,190).

La Gazzetta dello Sport reports that Juventus will ask Dybala to lower the fixed part of his salary and raise the bonuses. Alternatively, he could sign a shorter contract: a three-year deal rather than a five-year contract.

Both Gazzetta and Corriere dello Sport report that, in any case, the 28-year-old won’t sign a new agreement before February.

Therefore, the striker will be free to talk to other clubs starting from the beginning of January ahead of a possible free transfer at the end of the season.



    LOL, these new Rubentus managers keep shooting themselves in the foot

  2. Danny

    Dybala is 28 years old, physically he is like a 35 year old. He hasn’t the stamina to play modern football, can’t press, is tactically limited. Time to let him leave, he isn’t worth 10 million per season! The guy is always injured.

  3. forzzzajuve

    Good move, get a new striker instead. Morata, Dybala and Kean out. Major overhaul ahead!

  4. Zambrotta

    I’m inclined to let him leave too. Even when fit, the problem is that it’s hard to find a decent formation for him. He can’t function in 4-3-3. And he isn’t good enough and fit enough to play a formation for him like 4-2-3-1. If Dybala, Morata, Ramsey and Rabiot leave on top of the wages we are saving on Ronaldo, we can invest in Vlahovic, a top midfielder and a good winger. With the increase in capital, there will be funds next summer to make some moves.

  5. vogel


    I don’t know much about Dybala (other than his finishing), but with your review of him he’d be perfect for Milan! Haha.. He’d fit in perfect with our already over-35s who have no stamina, can’t press and always inured.

  6. Chris

    He has a wonderful left foot and can smash the ball into the corner from 20 yards… but he also smashes the ball past the post and oiver the bar quite a lot. Plus, he is injured half the season and is so often injured in March that he never plays Champions League last 16 games. So, yeah I can see why Juventus are thinking twice. It is logical,

  7. JUVEwarrior

    Pity we lose him for free, but for his wages we could get 2 or 3 decent players. Or Vlahovic.


    Talented player, but very hot and cold. Great one season, hopeless the next.

    Like all Serie A clubs, they need to sell players (if at all possible) who have not signed a new deal 12 months before their current deal ends.

    Juve, Napoli (with possibly Dybala and Insigne leaving for free), and especially Milan have/could lost/lose a fortune because of free transfers. Well over 200m.

    If big name players don’t sign an extension when they have a year left, sell them. Clubs need to quit mollycoddling these over-hyped modern players.

  9. Brandon

    Not worth 10M Per.

    Less wage for less of a role.

    Who wrote Kean out? The kid is 21 Years Old?!?!?!

  10. NVD

    Would love to see Dybala stay, but no way is he worth €10MM a season. His production is sporadic and he has become injury prone.

    Should not have gotten to this late stage where we risk losing him for free, but better to do that or offer a shorter term deal.

    Insanely talented player so will be a shame to lose him.

  11. JUVEwarrior

    Agreed on Kean. He’s got all the tools. Give him a proper chance.

  12. Juve Fan

    I support our management in this decision. Reduce the fixed part and increase the bonus amount. If he is fit and plays and gets the goals set by the club, he gets paid well. Else he gets what he deserves. I would have liked a contract renewal now and then a sale in the summer. But not sure if others club’s will be interested in signing him and giving Juventus a decent transfer fee.

  13. Many wise guys

    He can stay and extend his contract, but since he only plays half of the games a season there is absolutely no logic in giving him a payrise!
    Perform for a longer period like the predecessors Del Piero and Tevez, stay healthy and we can talk.

  14. Mustafa Aliraza

    Dybala is injury prone , Better to get rid of him as I don’t see any future for Juve with him in the side , Would have loved him to stay because I like him personally with his touches and creating chances , also scoring out side the D area , but the biggest issue is he is too soft to play in higher level

  15. The Queens Half Corgi

    I can guarantee that Don Marotta is hovering in the background waiting to pounce. Dybala is Juve’s most creative player and is a great addition if deployed correctly. Pairing him with Lautaro and having better players around him, with a new environment could revitalise him. He is at a sinking ship that is rudderless and we have always got the best out of the Argentines. That would be so sweet if we could poach him (money talks). He must be getting pissed if they are going to tell him to lower his demands.

  16. Lynchy

    Juve’s best player by a mile. Losing him on a free would be the worst decision by the board in years.

  17. John g

    Pay him the 10m and stop with the games. As far as people harping on him being injury prone, prior to his bout with Covid last year, Dybala had never played less than 40 games in a season with Juventus.

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