Dybala’s brother reacts to Juventus exit

Paulo Dybala’s brother Gustavo appears to confirm that La Joya will leave Juventus at the end of the season with a message on Instagram: ‘Incredible.’

The Argentinean striker is set to leave the Allianz Stadium in the summer as he hasn’t reached an agreement to extend his stay at the club. His brother Gustavo seemed surprised by the end of negotiations and posted a simple message on Instagram to express his disbelief.

Talks between Juventus and Dybala’s agent resumed this morning at Continassa, but a two-hour meeting was not enough to reach an agreement. Juventus offered Dybala a lower salary than the one agreed at the end of 2021, when the two parties had shaken hands on an €11m-a-year deal, including add-ons.

Today’s reports suggest that Juventus offered Dybala a €6-7m-a-year contract, which was not enough for the Argentinean. The meeting was also relatively short, suggesting that the two parties had not reached an agreement. Dybala will then leave Juventus after seven years at the club.

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  1. Yes incredible. How do you expect the guy to survive on 7 mill a year? Preposterous. And have bonuses tied to the actual amount of time he actually plays.

  2. Quite a luxury part-time player to have!

    So Piemonte Calcio lowballed him by offering almost half of the initially agreed deal. If Dybala has any dignity, he leaves as the club disrespected him.

  3. Ditch him for someone who is just as injury prone and not creative in the slightest (Zaniolo). I agree though it is time for clubs to stop being held ransom…if 6 is not enough he can go.

  4. Donato man! Brilliant! Poor old Dybala might struggle to feed himself on a paltry 7 million a year lol These guys are so greedy.

  5. Ironic if he went to Inter for the same amount. The management are to blame first and foremost. They could have sold him to Spuds a few years ago when his injuries were not a red flag. They could have got the cash and reinvested. Now they are looking at freebies and they cannot help themselves. Who knows maybe Rudiger will be asked to play as a false striker by PhD Max. It is inevitable if you offer £11 million, then shelve the deal and go down to 7 it will irritate any player. If they had a competent management they would have offered 7 to begin with and stood firm instead of playing games. Given his injuries it is no loss as Dembele will be filling his place in the treatment room. After all he will be free.

  6. I hope he will not change his mind, 6 millions offered to his is still way to much for nothing that he is doing for this team, for nothing work is done for salary, but I feel he will change his mind and will come and say that he loves juve and want these 6 millions for nothing doing for 5 years…

  7. I support the management for taking this decision and staying firm on a lower offer. With this kind of injury record we are over paying. It is a difficult moment for both club and the player himself. He will always be in our hearts.

  8. Another idiotic anti-Juve comment from clown face. The disrespect has come from Dybala. The club has waited for 7 years for him to make himself decisive in games but he fails to show up when it counts; he spits the dummy when substituted by every Juve manager he has played for; as vice- captain he breaks Covid rules and goes out partying with Arthur at McKinnie’s apartment. The club wanted to sell him after 5 years but he stubbornly dug his heels in. If he truly loved and respected Juve as he pretends to, he would have remained on the same salary with bonuses for performances – greedy, slow, overrated, injury prone and above all else disrespectful. Good riddance.

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