Dybala leaves Juventus – live reactions: Who will regret it?

by | Mar 21, 2022 15:04

Paulo Dybala is set to leave Juventus at the end of the season and the news has triggered plenty of reactions on social media. Check out the latest news and share your thoughts on the liveblog.

The Argentinean’s time in Turin will end when his contract expires in the summer. La Joya’s agent Jorge Antun didn’t manage to reach an agreement with the Bianconeri during this morning’s meeting at Continassa, which lasted approximately two hours.

Juventus had withdrawn their €11m-a-year contract offer, putting a new proposal worth €6-7m on the table. It was not enough for La Joya, who will now begin talks with other clubs.

His brother Gustavo has apparently confirmed that Paulo will leave Juventus in the summer, writing ‘Increbile’ on Instagram. Juventus fans are split over the end of the striker’s journey in Turin. Dybala’s injury story has undoubtedly had an impact on Juventus’ decision to lower the offer for their star, but many Juventus fans seem to already have regrets about the 28-year-old who will play for a different club in 2022-23.

What’s your idea about the whole situation? Let us know in the liveblog or in the comments section below.



    Quite a luxury part-time player to have!

    So Piemonte Calcio lowballed him by offering almost half of the initially agreed deal. If Dybala has any dignity, he leaves as the club disrespected him.

    Have to say anybody signing Dybala should try to offer him minimal base salary and everything else based on performances, given how reliable he is.


    Juventus have made the correct decision as his injury record and lack of goals in the last few seasons does not warrant more money. They should have sold him to Spuds a few seasons back as they could have got the fee. The club would never have been run into the ground like this if Moggi or Marotta were in charge. The issue is who will they replace him with? They are already going back to their old and bad habits trying to get Rudiger and Jorginho on a free. They never learn and instead of selecting based on needs they are just repeating the mistakes. Dybala should go to Inter. The style and knowing the league will help him and he will come with new motivation. Going to England with a more physical style of play given his injury record will end in disaster.

  3. truth

    Typical Juventus “smart” move…. Juventus is now officially village idiots of Serie A. They pay Ramsay 12M and letting Dybala go. It’s like keeping Szczesny and not signing Donnarumma for free. Club is run by a morons and the results show that. Now they will sell De Ligt for Rudiger. Can someone please sack Agnelli and the rest of them? It’s enough, he had some good years and ideas but now he is destroying this club completely….

  4. Marco

    Agree with both Lord Allegri. & I miss juve . Well put forward & knowledgeable points. Couldn’t have said it better myself

  5. Gman

    I think Dybala would shine in LaLiga but his salary demands at 11mil are absurd. Unless he’s willing to lower them. I think PSG is waiting for him.


    Dybala already rejected the chance of going to EPL and probably knows that it sucks.

    He should either continue in Italy or join La Liga.

    P$G would fill his pockets but that would basically mean he is retiring early – just like Icardi did.

    Soon we will find out if Dybala only cares about money or not.


    Dybala already rejected the chance of going to EPL and has good reasons for that.

    He should either continue in Italy or join La Liga.

    P$G would fill his pockets but that would basically mean he is retiring early – just like Icardi did.

    Soon we will find out if Dybala only cares about money or not.

  8. villarusso

    Juve is being run by a bunch of used car salesmen. Bait and switch. They strung him along. Very unprofessional. If I were him I’d take a pay cut just to get out. I don’t believe he is all about the money. Miss his days in Palermo. I don’t think premier league fits him. Would like to see him stay in Serie A. But Juve have set these irrational salaries for some players. Will take awhile for them to bounce back from the CR7 mistake.

  9. Justin

    He is destined for Inter and I think Marotta already signed him months ago. AC Milan I could stomach but they are beggars and cannot offer him more money or a project good enough.

  10. Milanwizz

    Milan will win the scudetto with or without Dybala. Milan has got 1/2 the revenue of Inter and like a third of juve’s. The project, albeit, is very good one, unlike others…

  11. Juvenesia

    Do you think Juve unable to replace him ? It is not like we are AC Milan, we have the money to buy better player than him

  12. Bunga2

    Why this Juvenesia troll keeps yapping about Milan poor this Milan poor that on every thread, how does it feel being behind of the poor club whose salary is roughly only half of your beloved team?

    FWIW, I think Juve made the right decision regarding Dybala. Like others, I also think he will go to Inter, as EPL won’t suit him and no La Liga teams need/want him at this moment perhaps.

  13. Michel Saleh

    Thank you Dybala for your time at Juve. Honorable numbers.
    Though Juve wont miss you. Barely appeared during any champions league. Mostly injured. His salary can go to any other more consistent player. Didn’t play all March and Juve won all matches.
    Trust the Juve managements. Appreciation to allegry, agnelli and nedved. His departure is a repercussion of bad management from Paraticci.

  14. plato

    Can´t wait for the arrival of another defensive “wooden legged” player in replacement, probably the right decision to let him go but not that much offensive creativity left in the squad. To bad for mr slowball you have to score goals in football.

  15. Milanwizz

    @Bunga2 jealous,

    Jealously is what it is. Milan are European greats, as opposed to Juve, who definitely has no chance at being one. Especially after losing Dybala on a free to Inter. That’s almost as miserable as losing 0-3 to Villarreal in the CL

  16. Milan Fan

    @ Bunga2

    Because he can’t believe his eyes Milan are top of the table lol

    He’s still a kid. He thinks whoever spends the most should also be the most successful, but then puts 2+2 together and comes to a hard truth about the club he supports. I don’t blame him for lashing out like that.

  17. DT

    Total incompetence if the club lets him walk to Inter and for nothing. At least the Nerazzurri put road blocks in place for former players not to be able to cross over so easily. It will be so funny if Juve push to get Icardi who is no spring chicken and hardly kicks a ball these days. I also have a feeling that they will renew for a lower fee in regards to Morata, extend with Kean and still have a gaping hole in the middle. I just don’t know why it took Dybala so long. Not being renewed is a blessing in disguise and Inter can still get him at his peak barring those injuries.

  18. Giancarlo Florio

    Maldini, Get Dybala for the nr 10 position, give him the trequariste role.

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