Paulo Dybala said Juventus ‘don’t play good football’ despite the win over Udinese and explained his glare into the stands after scoring. ‘Many things happened that I prefer not to talk about.’

La Joya opened the scoring in tonight’s 2-0 victory over Udinese in Turin, but notably refused to celebrate, instead aiming a pointed glare into the stands towards the Bianconeri directors.

This further fuelled the speculation that Dybala is furious with the club hierarchy for their critical comments and the delay over signing his new contract.

The Argentina international will be a free agent when the current deal expires on June 30 and he could well walk away as a free agent.

Serie A | Juventus 2-0 Udinese: Dybala casts shadow over victory

Dybala spoke to Sky Sport Italia after the final whistle and his mood remained frankly tense.

“I think we played well, we must try to be more consistent after scoring goals, as too often we score and then start to defend more, become afraid of attacking, and we can’t keep doing that.

“We are Juventus, of course we are in the running for the Champions League spots and must try to win. We don’t play good football, that is not our strength, so we need to focus on hunger and trying to run harder than anyone else.”

Dybala was asked about the intense glare he sent towards the stands rather than his usual celebration. Was he sending a signal to the club directors over his contract?

“I invited a friend and couldn’t see him. There are many people up there watching and I couldn’t find him.”

Should we believe you?

“I don’t know, that’s up to you. There have been a lot of stories, and many things happened that I prefer not to talk about.”

Dybala has been linked with Tottenham, Barcelona and Juve’s arch-rivals Inter.

The Argentina international also spoke to DAZN after the game and aimed a very specific jibe at director Maurizio Arrivabene.

“I don’t have to prove anything to anyone. I am at the disposal of the coach and the club. My contract? The club said we’ll talk about it in February.”

20 thought on “Dybala: ‘Juventus don’t play good football, as for the glare…’”
  1. Rube are only interested in free players, extending contracts for nursing home patients, bench warmers and fiddling with books. All they need to do is pay Dybala more and leave Agnelli to make up the numbers in the accounting department lol.

  2. Dybala wants to win the Champions League, can’t do that with Juve, better come to Inter, or even go to Vonte coz Spurs have more chance to win than the Old Lady lol

  3. If Dybala wants to win the Champions League he better not go to Inter either. The power of football is in England with the exceptions of Bayern Munich and a spend thirsty P$G. Even the quality of Spanish teams have declined as the money is not there. Dybala should wait till Newcastle emerge after all he will feel comfortable wearing the same hamburglar jersey lol.

  4. Dybala is a joke. Doesn’t deserve the n10. Is it all about the football or the money??? Inter is waiting buddy, take a hike.

  5. When the captain of Juve is admitting they dont play good football you know something is wrong. The MF is a joke, the strikers arent great either

  6. What a load of idiots -claiming to be Juve fans.
    Dybala is a Juve legend.
    Helped winning 5 Scudetti & 4 Coppa Italia (3 doubles) & make an UCL final.
    Having to see the management sign Ronaldo at an extremely high wage
    Before joining Juve, not helping Juve to anything Dybala didn’t already do (actually doing worse).
    Dybala said nothing.
    Then Juve signed a young and promising defender De Ligt giving him a higer wage.
    Dybala sad nothing.
    Now Dybala wants to get paid for what he has actually done for Juve (unlike Ronaldo or De Ligt!).
    And idiot supporters take a dig at him.
    Shut up idiots!
    And for management, pay the man!

  7. Dybala was looking up at the stands to see where he will be sitting in the next couple of weeks when he is destined yet again for another injury. A player who spends more time injured than playing doesn’t deserve the money he is requesting. Just wish Juve would have cashed in on him last year.

  8. agree with JuveFella ! His contract talks have been happening for ages now ! Just pay what he deserves ! Get rid of Ramsey, Rabiot and other pay him instead !

  9. First of all. You are a professional hired by a legendary club. If you want a better term of a contract – show respect + on the pitch. You showed it on the pitch, but you neglected your teammates… Well, not so good. Second – you are the captain. Lead the team in each game. You can’t underperform in the SuperCup and then be arrogant after scoring against a wounded Udinese team.
    As to Arrivabene – Dybala is good. Give him at least a small increase, 8 million + up to 10 mln addons for the loyalty. We had the budget for SOB Penaldo. I get the idea of players not to get spoiled by good salaries and you didn’t sign Raboit or Ramsey etc. But you are scaring away potential great future players by being cheap. go all in on Vlahovic, get Gravensberch. Get high quality instead of quantity

  10. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Bravo Paulo take off bro and don’t look back. Agnelli and his minions are destroying this club don’t let them destroy you too. What a joke.

  11. Dybala can’t go away! Juventus is the greatest team in Italy and has survived after Platini, Baggio, Zidane, del Piero, Buffon and will remain so!!

    Paratici is a bad football architect and he is the one to blame for Juventus situation!

  12. I don’t see any problem. He said the club will talk about his contract in February. Meanwhile, he has a month to prove that he is worth 10m/year. It’s a win-win situation. Dybala is motivated to play better in front of them and Juve’s directors can get what they want from Dybala, consistency. About Inter Milan, their fans can dream on and we all Juve fans should laugh at their constant behavior of taking Juve men to their club to study how to win a scudetto. Agnelli was a fool to let Marotta move to Inter for Paratici and his failure project of Ronaldo. However, he won’t make the same mistake twice.

  13. Lewandowski earns more than Dybala you clueless idiot.

    I understand Paolo is a star for Juve. But juve lost almost 200m last year, read SwissRamble to understand their situation

    Unless they win cl – good luck with that – they need to release Dybala to buy out Chiesa. Even if Agnelli injects cash into it, it would be better for them to buy Vlahovic not pay dozens of millioms to injury prone 30yo

  14. Personally, I am sick to death of the whole Dybala contract saga and I think the best solution for everyone is that he leaves and we all move on. I think everyone is to blame for where we are now: the management have not handled the situation well, although we don’t know know the full details and time-line of the contract negotiations and widely of course they have made some catastrophic decision on the market, spending way too much money on transfer fees and especially on ridiculous wages for players who have given us very little in return. But Dybala is also to blame, his attitude has been off for a long time now and although he is now 28 he has acted like a petulant child way too often for my liking. Dybala seems oblivious that we have been in the midst of a global pandemic for two years with Juventus filing loses of well over 300m. To see him acting so arrogantly & conceited over a multi-million pound contract is distasteful at best. And the loses will keep coming for Juventus, with the capacity of the Allianz Stadium being slashed to 5,000 due to Italy’s rising COVID-19 cases. Compare Dybala’s attitude with a real Bianconeri icon, Gianluigi Buffon, who signed reduced contracts everytime post Calcopoli.

  15. Somebody commented and said Dybala is a traitor. What has he done. Yall need to chill, he deserves his contract. Just give it to him. He aint asking for 30 million like a certain Penaldo flop.

    Dybala makes the team better

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