Dybala: ‘I will choose what is best for me’

by | May 23, 2022 21:13

Paulo Dybala insists he has not yet made a decision on his next step after leaving Juventus. ‘I will try to choose what is best for me.’

The Argentina international will be a free agent when his contract expires on June 30 and has been linked with numerous clubs, including Inter, Roma, Tottenham Hotspur, PSG, Arsenal and Manchester United.

He was at San Siro for a charity event organised by Samuel Eto’o, playing in the Integration Heroes Match.

Before kick-off, Dybala was spotted chatting to Inter vice-president Javier Zanetti, which naturally raised the hopes of Nerazzurri supporters who hope he will choose them.

“I am happy to be here, I spoke to Samuel beforehand and he’s one of the greats, so I couldn’t miss out,” Dybala told Sky Sport Italia.

“I’d prefer to talk about the event and not my future.”

Francesco Totti is also taking part and confirmed he would urge Dybala to make a leap of faith by joining Roma.

“Totti is an idol, I am pleased to hear him speak about me with affection. I’m relaxed, tomorrow I’ll go on international duty and we are preparing for a fun match against Italy, then I’ll go on vacation.”

La Joya was asked if he had yet spoken to Kimpembe about life at PSG.

“I don’t know what I’ll do yet. I will try to choose what is best for me.”

Juventus opted not to offer him a new contract, just a couple of months after they had seemingly agreed personal terms.

The fans made it very clear they did not agree with the decision and gave him a moving send-off in Turin.

“My rapport with the fans has been wonderful over these seven years, that is the greatest award I take with me.”


  1. Rosario

    Caro Paulo, please come to Milan! He will be loved, adored, supported and feel true adoration. He is exactly the type of player we need.


    Wherever he chooses, it is a blessing in disguise to leave the 12,000 roaming dinosaur of the Juventus swamp, with the CALMA BALL = BACK, BACK, DOWN, DOWN, JUST KICK IT INTO THE STANDS. Safety first at all times with PhD Max.

  3. mr bone

    A shame he didn’t reach his potential in Juve because of injuries. But Juve fault appointing Allegri with exorbitant salary, otherwise they can offer new contract. The antique coach is the best earned coach in Italy.

  4. Milanista82

    Inter would suit him, and Marotta apparently has an initial agreement with him, which makes sense. Especially if Perisic leaves, they will push for Dybala.
    Roma is a more complicated choice, they are work in progress, and it requires a leap of faith from him and a belief in their project with Mourinho.

  5. Justin

    LMAO😂, @Lord you never cease to amaze me with your creative takes.

    lol the 12 000 year old dinosaur. I think Allegri must be older then Tutankhamun. You need eye drops after watching an Allegri match.

  6. Reyes

    If Paulo had any sense he would talk to Maldini and make the move to the red half. He could be walking into a Calhanoglu like mistake. Milan are building up nicely. If they can tie down Leao, get another younger striker and add some more depth in the middle, they will be competitive. The situation with Zhang is complicated and if Redbird has the right approach, Milan could go from strength to strength. Plus he would not ruin his Juve history as Milan are a much more palatable club.

  7. MG

    He’d probably suit anyone as long as he stays healthy.


    Allegri has no game on the football pitch, but he he sure has game in the bedroom let me tell you. He’s old yet spry and limber. Just talking about him off the field gets me as hard as a diamond in an ice storm.

  9. EPL is 2nd Rate

    Don’t think its wise for Juve to just let him go honestly. As long as he doesn’t go to that joke of a league that is the EPL or country that is England, then the kid will be fine.

  10. Jefe

    Welcome to Inter

  11. NOrata

    I am never hard, but what I cannot make up in time, I sure as well make up in substance. 2 minutes and 39 seconds of pure fish and chip joy and an extra dousing of vinegar for my balls. Oi, oi who wants to batter my saveloy. @fake Lord let me be your fish and you can be my chips. The most disgusting food on planet earth, but doesn’t half fill you.

  12. Yu

    Welcome to Bologna

  13. Gman

    Translation: He’s going to Inter

  14. Martinn

    So will the fans

  15. Az

    He we will be a good add to Milan for 5-6 mil a year. I dont make wishes.

  16. NOrata

    Still going after the wrong guy. Nice work fake Lord. The real one is a retarded GenX who forgot to take his meds and thinks dinosaurs were around 12,000 years ago.

  17. Eazi Frank

    Paolo come to Milan !We will win you a CL winners medal !

  18. Fatecisognar

    If he goes to Inter, it’s not only a slap in the face to the Juve management (which isn’t without merit) but to the fans who’ve always supported him and cried with him at the stadium. Total betrayal. Premier League would be better for you, Paulo.

  19. soloInter

    Milan fans needs to understand that top players usually choose a project where they can win trophies and Milan just don’t have those guarantees. In Italy there’s only a single club that’s more likely to win european trophies like EL and CL. The answer is not Milan just in case I wasn’t clear. I know some might say Milan won more CL trophies but at the same time couldn’t beat or even play at the same level as the current favourite finalist Liverpool. Heck Milan couldn’t win against Liverpool B team. But for Inter didn’t only win which can happen as a fluke but played on the same level with both finalists (Real Madrid and Liverpool). Again the key point is PLAYED at the same level even though it took 100% of Inter it was a good indication.

  20. All-Inter

    Dybala is smart enough to choose a club that is able to win some trophies in near future so I don’t think he would choose Milan.

  21. NOrata

    Dybala would enjoy Mourinho or Pioli more than Limone In-sack-eee.
    Pioli’s got thag grizzly beard that would feel great while he’s licking my gooch.
    I’m curious about what Lord keeps saying about Allegri. If he’s as good as he says, I’ll be spewing all over myself.


    You’re finally talking my language NOrata. I’m glad you’ve come around and accepted who you are. I wish we could get together for a few reach arounds.

  23. Gre-No-Li

    Delusional SHInter fans are my favorite loonies nowadays hahahahaha…

  24. abc

    Sphincter Milan is a laughing stock

  25. I MISS JUVENTUS IN SERIE B, should have been relegated to serie c 🤡

    LOL so funny that now Milan fans want Dybala… preparing for life without Leao?

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