Dybala glares at Juventus directors after refusing to celebrate

by | Jan 15, 2022 20:18

Paulo Dybala further fuelled reports he is ready to walk away from Juventus as a free agent, refusing to celebrate a goal against Udinese, instead glaring at directors in the stands.

He should’ve been enjoying the moment, breaking the deadlock in this tricky Serie A fixture, but instead he was visibly angry and refused to do his usual ‘mask’ gesture.

Dybala pointedly glared into the stands towards the Juventus directors in a stadium with a capacity of only 5,000 due to COVID restrictions.

The Argentina international has been in negotiations for months to extend his current contract, which is due to expire on June 30.

It was believed a deal had been done, but then doubts set in amid injuries and poor form, with rumours Juve were eager to lower that salary.

These were not helped by director Maurizio Arrivabene being extremely critical of La Joya in television interviews.

Over the last couple of days, stories emerged from Argentina that Dybala was furious with Juventus for the lack of faith they showed in him.

It was even suggested he was ready to let the contract run down and leave as a free agent, with Inter, Tottenham Hotspur and Barcelona ready to snap him up.


  1. Chuck

    La Joya is a Bianconero!!!

  2. G

    The only management worse than Juves in the last 3 years is Barcelona.

  3. Bianconeri FAN

    Juve will regret losing him to any team, he is a rare no.10 and above all of this, has always been loyal, and rejecting to move by proving his worth.

    I guess now he is fed up !

    Juve management MUST show respect and faith.

    They better sell or terminate useless players like Ramsey, Rabiot, even Alex Sandro “he lost his usual form”.

    Juve Must surviveeeee and stay on top and fight for success

  4. Thuram e cannavaro

    I will be done supporting Juve if Dybala leaves like this. I didn’t give two hoots about Ronaldo staying or leaving, but I am absolutely done with Juve if Dybala walks.

  5. Chop

    Yeah that’s right bro! dybala deserves better…..

  6. Uncle Z

    It says a lot about so called Juventus fans just supporting a player instead of the club. This must be millennial speech. I have seen my club survive with losing much better and iconic players. My worry is that back then we had competent directors who could replace with even better people. Losing Dybala to Inter would be a huge image blow no to ways about it. Unfortunately he is better suited to to stay in Italy. With those injuries he would get torn apart in the quicker and more physical PL. He is also not quick and that would not help in England.

  7. FORZA Juve

    Its one of the worst no.10 in juve history, need to let him go as fast as possible, its only rare one of two good games in a season he always play good jus 2 games in season, and soon again he will be injured babycace, stop admiring him, I am juventini from 1996 and I know what I am talking about, he have to be gonne, and we cant pay such big money for such perforformances. Stop admiring him and stop with these sentimentes. He done problems for team already, he will leave for free, when 2 years ago he refused to muve and juve lost 70mln income…his place is bench wormer in premier league

  8. Angelo

    Settle down FORZA Juve no need to post twice we get it. No player is bigger then the club but lets me honest if he goes to Inter what does that say about us. It speaks volumes about him as well but who do we replace with. The mentioned names such as Milik and Origi is enough to crawl in a hole and curl up. We do not have the money to lure big players and if we did the wage bill will explode. Let him calm down and see what happens. I got to admit if we ask him to take less and he goes to father Marotta then it is us to blame. A serious club cannot strengthen our most bitter rivals. We are supposed to do that but with those directors as Uncle Z mentioned I would not be surprised by anything.

  9. michael gilman

    Thuram og cannavaro, jeg helt enig med deg. Dybala er en definerende spiller. Han fortjener mer respekt enn han får fra dagens ledelse. Manglende evne til å selge unødvendig ballast kan ikke kompenseres med tap av en av de beste.

  10. Cypher

    Uncle Z your ‘analysis’ is really dumb.

    He will be “torn apart in the EPL because he isn’t fast”.

    How are Gundogan, Kane, Grealish, Silva, Fernandes & co faster than Dybala??

    And since when did the fastest players become the best players in England?

    You sound dumb.


    Dybala has a lot of quality but he’s been inconsistent over the years and his poor pace and physicality limits him, not to mention his injury problems. I would take Vlahovic over him in this Juve team.

  12. L

    Overreed player let him go….

  13. Uncle Z

    Boy (Cypher) I am honoured you called on me. I have seen you on the chats before but never care to reply to your nonsense as you are not relevant and never have been, adding nothing to the debate as usual. A Stupid clown but says nothing about Thuram. I guess plastic fans like you agree. Fast players Salah, Mane, Son, Foden, Saka etc. Clown they all play up front. Do you think Dybala is playing in central midfield or as a main striker. I love Dybala and have been consistent with regards to his injuries. Like Ramsey he will carry those injuries especially given his age now no matter where he goes. Clown I also never said he could not do well in England. The concerns are with injuries but if he decides to go so be it as I am only interested in Juve. Now boy go to bed. Good boy Day. 😀

    Do not reply me as this is your one and only time to interact with me, as like I mentioned I usually don’t waste time on people like you. When I see haters I usually do not engage. Not worth the effort in wasting energy.

  14. Uncle Z

    I meant to say good day boy so as I know Cypher will come back with the rebuttal. Simple mistake but we all make them lol.

  15. Jarod KNOWLES


    I like it when you’re mad, you work faster

    ‘at a boy!

    Score me 100 goals!

  16. dlp

    whom player juve can afford to replace him ffs.. get him contract that he wants ASAP


    for the sake irritating rube fans and directors, go to inter dybala!

  18. RB

    As an inter fans, i will welcome Dybala with an open hands. Unfortunately, Inter doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of signing him unless he is willing to reduce his asking wage.

  19. frankie

    Dybala may as well go to inter as ex-Juve boys Conte, Marotta, Ibra, Vieira have in the past. It’s the only way such a dud club can get ahead, certainly not by its own efforts. We saw how they blew over 1 billion in transfers to end up with no trophies for 10 years – the idiocy of Moratti.
    Dybala as a number 10 for Juve is not good enough to clean Platini’s, Baggio’s or Del Piero’s boots. If he decides to leave, that will be all fine, he will become Inter‘s injury and overblown wages problem, not Juve’s anymore.

  20. Solointer

    Is he the upcoming Hakan Çalhanoğlu ? But seriously this guy have been very royal to. Juve over the years so if he indeed go to Inter in which he will be more successful with fellow national team players will a lot about the internal issues at Juve.

  21. Juve Fan

    With him being injury prone there is nothing wrong from Juve directors to increase the bonus part and keep the fixed part the same. If dybala stays fit and plays well, he gets more bonus. Else he gets the fixed part. Dybala should understand this.

  22. tom

    Dybala is good, but not a number 1 options. He def needs AT LEAST 1 player (Striker) in front of him to lead

  23. dzurjakcsopi


    Funny guy. Shame you know nothing about football. Guess what? Moratti is not at Inter. Surprise for you. Other surprise, when Inter won the treble, they won it without Conte, Marotta , Vieira and Ibra.
    You can keep Dybala.
    Now take a chill pill and think before you next entertain us with your ignorance.

  24. Viktor

    @ Solointer

    Hakan has done a few good games for you. Calm down . Dybala is miles a head

  25. RecOba

    Let’s wait and see what happen, anyway I trust INTER directors 😉

  26. FORZA Juve

    Would be nice if inter would agree to pay him 12mln in year… But I feel there is bigger chances he will find such stupids in england, and can sit on bench for 5 years and have nice holidays just of couse not in england, will need to fly somewhere for good rehabilitations, nice 5 years of rehabilitations is ahead of this dude… With lots of money in pockets 😉 for sure when I see him, his physics is like child such weak every bone every musce… Can imagine how he can play in adult league…

  27. Stam

    I see two ideas: pay the 30yo higher because he is loyal or let him go

    You should look and learn from the best. I dislike Ferguson. But he was one of the best. For ANY over 30yo player he only ever offered 1 year contract.

    Juve already has bloated salary structure. You are not champions in italy or in Europe. You pay out more than Tottenham and Arsenal despite lower revenues

    I dont like Juve too, so if you keep this guy it is funny to me.
    But if you want to be good, get rid of him and Ramsay. Get Vlahovic even if it costs you DeLigt – he is on insane wages. You will be losing him anyway, same situation as Donnarumma- young players want higher contracts.

    If you start a young player from high base, its over.

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