Dybala buys new home in Milan amid Inter links

by | May 18, 2022 14:08

Paulo Dybala has reportedly bought a new home in Milan, close to Inter‘s headquarters, fuelling speculations that he will sign with the Nerazzurri in the summer.

The Argentinean will leave the Allianz Stadium at the end of his contract in June and the defending Serie A champions appear to be in pole position to secure his services.

The Nerazzurri have yet to make a formal offer to sign La Joya, but Dybala hasn’t ruled out the possibility of joining Juventus‘ biggest rivals in the summer.

According to Calciomercato.com, Dybala has bought a new house in Milan, close to Inter’s headquarters. Dybala signed the contract last month and could permanently move to his new apartment in the next few weeks if he signs with the Nerazzurri. This doesn’t mean Dybala will surely join the Serie A giants but confirms the Argentinean striker likes the city and wouldn’t mind living there.

Inter director Beppe Marotta has been in talks with the striker’s entourage for several months and will put his offer on the table in the next few days. Meantime, Dybala has already found accommodation in town.


  1. Cypher

    Finally confirms why the management refused to give him a proper send off like Chiellini.


    Told you it was all fake tears, more like tears of joy as it will all work out for him. Escape from PhD Max slow ball Alcatraz was a blessing in disguise. Now he will find himself with another lame coach, but one that at least has a hairline and quicker football. Better players, his god father and the chance to score in the Allianz Stadium in front of the Marlboro girl and Agnelli. Great motivation.

  3. Milan141

    If his buying a house in Milan even means what is suggested…

    He might have bought it to rent it out, or to have a house in Milan because it’s a great place to be based for various holidaying and/or cultural reasons…


    inter not the only football club in city of milan. and milan is beautiful city.

  5. Azzkikr

    Is it a house or an apartment? Article says both, which means BS


    Dybala go away. PhD Max belongs to me. He sometimes dipped his bald head in oil and rubs it all over my body. Both his heads.

  7. NOrata

    @Lord I know you love our disgustingly wonderful food. Come I can be the fish and you can be my chips. I can get the extra hot sauce on standby, ready, willing and able to go back, back, down, down, just how Allegri likes it.

  8. DB Milan

    I’d love a place in Milan too if I had his money. He’s a bit young for Inter and a bit expensive for Milan.

  9. Besnik

    @Azzkikr, where have you been sunshine? Do you still post in Xtratime or elsewhere? Ha’ en god dag ven 🙂


    Milan141 on M

    Exactly just because bought a hosue there means not he set sights with Milan or Inter,

    maybe just maybe he will have a small sesna to fly him into the nearby alps should the world economies crash and bitcoin take over, he maybe has no coins handy and just some meal provisions to fit onto the plane.

    Or maybe just maybe he is an aspiring artist and wishes to get on the RAI San Remo circuit.

  11. Waqas

    One thing I don’t like is going sycho and going sick at his decision its a sport respect his decision whether he wants to move abroad or inter he’s done alot I’m his 7 years at juve

  12. Chuck

    He is absolutely within his right to join whoever he wants. I don’t see him disrespecting the Bianconeri faithful by joining anyone. We didn’t give him a deal and that’s fine, but there is absolutely no way to justify how they tried to take away the limelight from him in his last game at the Allianz. A top-10 all time goal scorer. He isn’t just anyone. Agnelli can go and …… himself!

  13. Ale

    Really full of fake
    Shae on you la joya, if this come true
    Juve have been so loyal and stupid enough to pay your salary
    Salary of a player full of fake,fragile legs and ordinary talent, payed with overvalued

  14. DARi0

    @Azzkikr @Besnik guys come back to the asylum, Forza Inter Forums is waiting 4 ya

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