Dybala breaks down as he says goodbye to Juventus fans

by | May 16, 2022 22:17

Paulo Dybala was visibly distraught as he said goodbye to Juventus fans, with the supporters jeering President Andrea Agnelli and his directors for pushing La Joya out.

His contract will expire on June 30 and, after seemingly reaching an agreement in December, the club withdrew the offer and preferred to let him leave as a free agent.

Dybala never disguised that he wanted to continue in Turin and he held on as long as he could before the emotions spilled out.

Serie A | Juventus 2-2 Lazio: Chiellini and Dybala bow out, Lazio enter Europe

Juventus had several initiatives to celebrate Giorgio Chiellini’s farewell after 17 years, but practically ignored the fact it was Dybala’s last game too.

His teammates ruined that by throwing the Argentina international into the air, at which point he let it all come out.

Every time President Agnelli or the directors appeared on the screens inside the Allianz Juventus Stadium, the crowd jeered loudly, blaming them for pushing Dybala out.



    Those tears will turn to joy when his god father Don Beppe picks him up in Milano. At least he has freed himself of deckchair, pipe and slippers Max and can start a new chapter injured but more effective elsewhere.

  2. NOrata

    There’s as much chance of Dybala going to Inter as there is you being snapped up as a TV pundit.
    Good luck in Paris or EPL, Paolo. Hope your injuries don’t follow you.

  3. Brian

    Allegri sent him out to bring Di Maria Fossil . lol
    Elderly-loving allegri

  4. Juvefans

    Paolo we (true juve fans) are feeling sad and we don’t agree with the bad management of this club.

    It’s insane to think we pay allegri this money for nothing while letting you go for free.

    Sorry la joya,
    We love you

  5. Steve

    Thank you paulo dybala
    U brought joy and happiness
    Will always miss you
    Good bye to a true juventini

  6. Juve Fan

    All this adoration will turn into despair when he dons the black and blue stripes. Disgusting club but a natural habitat for Argentines and who can blame him. One man’s trash is another man’s gold. Inter do have a knack for polishing second hand items.

  7. TorreDG

    Another mistake by Juve. Yes injury prone but talented.How does a club make room for any young player they desire and then let go of a loyal winner who always knew how to finish at the net and score. Other players will notice and will see that Juve is no longer a judge of quality,just quantity.

  8. Dazziano Colucci

    Ffs that Lord Allegri guy is a verbal diarrhoea machine!


    Paulo clown. Simply Paulo. Typical English. If goes to England they will call him Paul. You love it Colucci.

  10. Chris JP

    I see it a different way. He is a nice guy and talented footballer, but what has he done in the UCL knockout rounds? For a start, he has been INJURED every year for 3 years. That really hurts Juve, in terms of success and money.
    In the years before his injuries he had one great game against Barca in the QF, but was nowhere to be seen in the final. Aside from that, one nice goal against Tottenham. He is a talented player, I like him, but the injuries and the inability to produce his best on the biggest stage are major issues.

    Juve lost far better players like Baggio and Zidane. I felt worse then.

  11. Fatecisognare

    He’s crying because he’s lost all that money when his agent wouldn’t budge in the negotiations. Totally with Chris, losing Zidane, Baggio, Ravanelli and Vieri felt like mini-deaths. More sad about what could have been.

  12. ilyas

    The President should go too. I didn’t think I’ll get emotional but I did. I hope next season is nothing like this again

  13. Baggio

    My two favourite players for the past 25 years leave Juve the same season. Chiellini & Dybala <3

  14. LUIGI

    He’s gonna get 20 goals for Inter next season, just wait.

  15. Andy

    Of course he’s crying. Years of doping, cheating and getting help from refs comes to an end …. unless he can go to Inter

  16. Chuck

    La Joya will always be a Bianconero. One of our own. Grazie leyenda!!!!!!

  17. eap

    Who just said Dybala and Chiellini are their favourite Juve players in the last 25 ,years????

    Buffon, Del Piero, Zidane, Davids, Conte, Ferrara, Thuram, Di Livio, Inzaghi, Tudor, Pessotto, Birindelli, Cannavaro, Tacchinardi, Deschamps, Trezegeut, Camoranesi, Iuliano, Montero, Emerson, Vieira, Ibra, Zambrotta, Grosso, Barzagli, Bonucci, Marchisio, Pirlo??????

    I could keep going…

  18. gige


    If your fav players in the past 25 years are these 2, surely you rarely watched football LOL

  19. Milanwizz

    It is nice to see it evidently meant something to him. He has certainly been a gem in those darker days of Serie A. Grazie for the entertainment thus far, albeit some against my own team. And looking forward to see what the future holds for him

  20. Cris

    Farewell Joya! Thanks for all the years we saw you wearing the shirt of the greatest and best team in Italy, of course Juventus!

    Now, Juve should focuse on the next transfer window.

  21. Ros

    I felt bad when Chiellini was subbed. Same way I felt when Gigi Buffon, Ale DP, Nedved, Inzaghi, Zidane left. When Vialli and Ravanelli were leaving… But after all these yes/no with the 10-15M salary demands, I don’t think we’ll miss Dybala. Great player, but the presence of CR7 didn’t do well for his development. Unfortunately, he’d never been a true leader of Juve. I hope we get Jorginho+Pogba, and a great second striker. Get rid of Kean, Rabiot, Arthur and other average players. Otherwise, we have a winner team.

  22. Cris

    Farewell Joya and thanks for your time wearing the shirt of the best team in Italy, of course that is Juventus.

    Now, Juve should focus in players whos injury prone are not so high.

  23. JM

    As said above, bringing in Ronaldo really hurt Dybala more than anyone. He was growing into the main man at Juve then they bring in the most egotistical player in history, and suddenly fitting Dybala into the attack becomes a problem. The injuries of course have not helped either, and you can understand why Juve management have made the decision they have. It’s very difficult to build a team around a player with his injury record. Heartbreaking nonetheless. With apologies to Juve fans, I hope he stays in Serie A and recovers his old form. I don’t care whether it’s with Inter, Milan or Roma (my team). I just want to see a happy and flourishing Dybala remain part of Italian football. When he is healthy and in form, he is just such a joy to watch.

  24. Solointer

    I remember the way he ended up at Juve and how he refused going to other clubs while at Juve. He feels dissrepcted by the way they end his contract. Seeing the guy crying like a little kid I don’t think Inter will even push to get him and it’s for the best. He can try his talents in England and win a few trophies but at this point if he goes to Inter it’ll be his choice and Juve would have to respect that. The biggest mercenary Juve got was Ronaldo who left the team no chance of getting a proper replacement in time which guarantees a difficult start of the season. At Inter he knows he will still win trophies and have a welcoming environment with so many argentines.

  25. Milan141

    He’s probably crying because he has to say farewell in that ridiculous new home shirt

  26. Bianconero

    Under Sarri he was player of the year. A great talent that’s always been juves best player. Him and vlahovic looked like a great pairing

  27. Azzkikr

    Crocodile tears

  28. Eazi Frank

    Now come to Milan so that we can win you a Champions league !

    Forza Milan from Cape Town

  29. Bukruqul

    11 league goals under Sarri, 4 under Pirlo, 10 under Allegri this season. That’s an expensive striker.

  30. Brian

    The internet connection you used to send BS is expensive imho, that should have been given to someone who needs it. Dybala has been struggling with constant injuries in the past 3 seasons thanks to Juve genius medical team. He’s just 28 , he can get back on-track with a good training. fans like are clueless indeed.
    With your logic Chiesa isn’t a good player either cause he was injured and couldn’t score goals.

  31. Bukruqul

    Sorry Brian, you’re right. He’s a decisive goalscorer and worth 1m per goal, if that. Give him a 5 year contract.

  32. Fatecisognare

    Last 3 years? He scored 22 in the league in 2017-18 and that was an over performance, year after was 5. 16-17, 11 goals. Only last season did he play fewer games otherwise the rest were over 30 games in Serie A so injuries aside, it’s not good enough. Not to mention the CL houdini acts.

  33. putuco

    What a sad moment, the guy definitely did not want to leave and was treated like trash by Juventus management. I am not arguing about if he has to leave or not because that can be true or not depending how you look at it, but the way he is leaving is awful. I would love a guy like him at Milan but don’t see that happen. I don’t see him at Inter neither, so let’s see what is in the Joya’s future.

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