Dybala: ‘Better rapport with Mourinho, didn’t always agree with Allegri’

Paulo Dybala admits he ‘did not always see things the same way’ as Juventus coach Max Allegri and that he ‘has a better rapport’ with Jose Mourinho at Roma, but was quick to point out ‘we didn’t argue every day!’

After tonight’s 2-1 Europa League defeat to Real Betis, in which he scored for the fourth game in a row, Dybala was asked what differences there were dealing with Mourinho and Allegri.

“I think they are in some ways very similar, in others not so similar. I have a much closer rapport with Mourinho, we talk more often, discuss ideas.

“On the field they are fairly similar, as the coaches focus on defensive work and controlling the match,” Dybala told Sky Sport Italia.

“Everyone has his own ideas and often we did not always see things the same way, but we both wanted to give our best for Juventus.

“I want to be clear, it is not controversy, we just had different ideas of how to approach the game, we didn’t argue every day!

“Allegri was one of the coaches who gave me the most in helping me grow over the years at Juventus. I know that on social media some will stir up controversy, but I definitely don’t mean it like that!”

La Joya was released as a free agent in the summer when Juve withdrew the contract extension that had previously been agreed.

A large part of that was reportedly down to the choices of Allegri, who did not see Dybala as part of the new Bianconeri following the arrival of Dusan Vlahovic.

The Argentina international was in floods of tears during his farewell to fans at the Allianz Juventus Stadium, with many supporters and local media pointing the finger at Allegri for pushing the player out.

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  1. No surprise as PhD Max, engineer of black hole calcio only understands one language and that is the magnificent art known as the back, back, down, down, understood by three people. Him, Roberto King Carlos Sandro and yours truly brick layer Cafu Danilo.

  2. @Peter, I think you are more obsessed with him rather than the other way round. When you see him I bet your eyes light up red.

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