Report: Dybala asks to be paid like De Ligt

by | Sep 5, 2021 14:07

Juventus forward Paulo Dybala reportedly asks to be paid as much as centre-back Matthijs de Ligt to renew with the Bianconeri

Il Corriere dello Sport reports the Old Lady has encountered some difficulties in the negotiations with La Joya.

The Argentine’s entourage would like to reach an agreement over a similar deal to match the highest paid player at the club.

Juventus: Fourth meeting with Dybala’s agent this week

De Ligt earns €8m a season but his deal includes bonuses taking the figure to a total of €12m per year.

The current offer for Dybala, according to the newspaper, barely exceeds €9m a season including bonuses.

Dybala’s deal expires next summer and the 27-year-old has scored one and assisted one in two games.


  1. Italboy

    He must be joking, he needs a wage reduction based on his performance.!!
    Juve need to call his bluff. I like him but he needs to step up and play like he can.

  2. serie a lover

    i thought this thing was resolved. i think dybala needs to improve his performances if he wants to get a wage increase. the game against napoli would be a good start. if anything it is chiesa that should be looking at a pay increase.

  3. Fabrizio

    Imagine going up to your boss and be like “ya, I know I haven’t done anything for this workplace in the last few years, so you need to pay me a lot more”. Get bent, Dybala.

  4. Ahmad

    I have been juve fan for at least 25 years so bringing Deligt that sum of money was completely wrong because as soon he arrived and up to now has no confident himself he always lose the ball even he can not cotrol the ball quickly please give Rugani chance to shine and i know Rugani can make difference on the beach so Mr. Allegri give Rugani and Pellegrini their chances no need to beleive in one person you have 25 players and have same apportunity and same work to carry out.

  5. TSObhung

    De Ligt €8M per annum… lol

    De Vrij just 6.5……..

  6. putuco

    Dybala needs to understand that De Ligt contract was made before the COVID debacle. Not only that, last season he was basically in paid leave because injuries and stuff keep him from delivering in the pitch. Juventus needs to offload him, he is no guarantee and who knows how much time he will be in the field and not in the treatment table

  7. Padovano

    What is crazy is that a Forward, who scores plenty of goals, has to demand to be paid similar to a Center Back. Just pay the man. Dybala is going to have to carry the team’s offensive production this year.

  8. Cypher

    Dybala though disappointing should be the team’s highest paid.

    Paying De Ligt that sum is too much

  9. Burky

    Guys you must include that Juve wage felt a lift when CR7 left so Dybala is actually timing it well from that point of view.

    Juve have a point that De Ligt got that wage prior to covid indeed and that does change things a bit (altough the board injected a capital of €3-400 mil) so as an outsider I smile .

  10. Rian

    Both CR7 and De Ligt signings are taking too much burden financial wise. Yes they’re both good players (somewhat underwhelming), but way overpriced in terms of transfer fees and salary. DeLigt has not been improving as defender since his move to Juve 2 years ago. I daresay he might even regress. He was better player in Ajax. If Dybala is expected to take the mantle from CR7, it’s only fair for him to ask for the highest wage in the team

  11. Gio

    DeLigt salary is crazy, and I can understand why Dybala would say to at least match a defender’s salary… but that aside…

    Juventus need to make a final decision if Dybala – currently 28 yrs old – is going to be thee star man for a few years to come. If yes, then they should match DeLigt salary and call it a day.

    Dybala has never delivered for Juventus… he had one great game against Barca several years ago in the UCL where we thought he could explode… it never happened.. as it hasn’t and never did for many others…, He also had one decent season for Juve where he finally actually played to his minimal potential and delivered goals and pundits act like he’s the second coming when he just finally did what was expected and nothing more.

  12. Tom

    De light and dybala need pay cut I don’t see anything they are doing there both need to improve there game

  13. Sammy

    Lol morons comments, he hasn’t delivered but Juve should pay him even more just to match a overpaid player.. that is how you become Barcelona just giving players ridiculous wage increases because they demand some arbitrary raise increase, especially just keep up with a overplayed player in first place.

    With that argument why don’t they pay him what they were paying Cristiano Ronaldo since now that he’s gone they’re going to be relying on Dybala .

    Sell him.

  14. Sammy

    Dybala not even good enough to play for the Argentina national team, delusional.

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