Roma and Argentina striker Paulo Dybala says ‘anything can happen’ in a World Cup: ‘There is always a surprise that ruins all predictions.’

La Joya is one of the four Serie A players called up by Argentina in Qatar. They were supposed to be six, but Inter‘s Tucu Correa and Fiorentina‘s Nico Gonzalez pulled out of the team because of injuries.

Dybala got his spot in Qatar despite a muscle injury that kept him out of action for over a month. The 29-year-old made his return to the pitch for Roma in the last game of the year against Torino.

When asked who is the favourite to lift the trophy next month, the Argentinean striker replied: “All the World Cup teams have a chance, I think that, in the last World Cup, if you asked the same question to 10 people, I think nobody would have answered Croatia. There could be surprises, there are teams that are doing really well.

“Argentina, Germany, France have some incredible players, Brazil….

“But you never know what can happen in a World Cup. There is always a surprise that ruins all predictions.”

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