Don’t get the blues over Serie A green kit ban

by | Jul 18, 2021 17:25

The report that Serie A were banning green kits went viral all over the world, prompting some amusing memes from other clubs, but Sassuolo should still be safe.

The news emerged that from the 2022-23 season, Serie A clubs would not be allowed to us kits that were mostly green, as these can blend into the background of a pitch and cause problems for television or streaming viewers.

It’s believed this was a specific request from the pay-per-view television companies.

There were inevitably complaints, especially as teams like Sassuolo play in green and black stripes as their traditional uniform.

However, a closer look at the regulations shows that they should still be safe, because the rule only bars kits that are mostly green.

What would be disallowed is the away kit Lazio had last season, which had neon bright green shirt and shorts.

Crotone in the 2020-21 season’s second kit was all forest green, with a bright pink trim, while Napoli famously had various versions of a green camouflage jersey over the years.

Atalanta also had a dark green kit with a Christmas tree on the front, which they used only around December and sold to raise funds for charity.

It would certainly be a problem if Avellino were to gain promotion to Serie A, seeing as their traditional home kit is a deep shade of green.

The rule also only applies to outfield players, so goalkeepers can still use mainly green.

Messias Crotone Napoli


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