Donnarumma unhappy at PSG: Juventus change their mind?

by | Sep 24, 2021 11:57

According to multiple reports in Italy, Gigio Donnarumma is unhappy at PSG, so Juventus could change their mind, trying to sign him in the summer.

Donnarumma joined the Ligue 1 giants in a free transfer from Milan in the summer.

However, he’s only played two of PSG’s seven games of the season and according to Il Corriere della Sera and La Gazzetta dello Sport, the 22-year-old is unhappy at the club where he expected to get more playing time.

His agent Mino Raiola has recently confirmed that he had been in talks with Juventus before Donnarumma’s move to Paris.

The Bianconeri decided against signing the former Milan goalkeeper because they could not find a suitor for Wojciech Szczesny who is on a €7m-a-year deal at the Allianz Stadium until June 2024.

Raiola reveals why Donnarumma left Milan

Officially, the Bianconeri maintain that they didn’t want to part ways with the former Arsenal man who had joined the Bianconeri in 2017.

“We didn’t want to have two top-class goalkeepers in the team,” director Federico Cherubini explained a few weeks ago.

Tension at PSG: Donnarumma doesn’t start because of Messi?

However, according to Il Corriere della Sera, the Bianconeri could change their mind in the summer.

They are aware Donnarumma is unhappy at his new club and, therefore, they could make an attempt to sign him at the end of the season.

Donnarumma was named Player of the Tournament at UEFA Euro 2020 after saving decisive penalty kicks in the semifinal against Spain and in the Final against England.



  1. DB Milan

    Awwww, poor baby. Mino must be devastated, what with the large sum of money another move would make him.

  2. Chris

    How did he not see this coming? And now that he’s tied into a lucrative contract, PSG won’t sell him unless it’s for stupid money and Juve won’t do that unless somebody buys Szczesny. I hope this has been a learning curve for him – and a steep one at that – because not everybody gets the opportunities he’s had, especially goalkeepers. Part of me wants to blame Raiola, even if he’s a whole different problem in himself, for setting Gigio up for a demoralising fall.

    He can rot on the bench for all I care. He made his choices, he will have to deal with the consequences. He’s not a kid anymore, time to take some responsibility and stop hoping someone will swoop in and come to the rescue.

  3. Bunga2

    I think everyone and his dogs (except for gigio himself) are well aware of how this was going to turn out..

  4. Ha

    Keylor Navas is a top keeper. Of course this was going to happen.

    Serves him right.

  5. Francis

    That serves him right,what was he thinking signing for PSG?I guess he wants to win a league title sitting on the bench

  6. rosario

    These articles are the reason why I could’ve never considered a career as a sports journalist. This being as sooner or later and in order to keep a newspaper or website relevant, your bosses will make you to conjure up nonsense and hearsay in order to keep up readership.

    Of course Gigio will have wanted to play more by now. That isn’t really news. But he has joined a team who have Navas…a reliable and vastly decorated goalkeeper who clearly has the respect of his manager and the team. Gigio is still a young man. He has his whole career ahead of him. Given that he was signed for nothing and by a club with vast resources, why on earth would they move him on after only a few months. Just utter nonsense.

  7. FORZA Juve

    Would be better to exchange one top class keeper szeczny on other top class keeper donnaruma and juve will not have big problem to have two top class keepers 😀 stupid juve government still think szeczny is top class player, if be would be top class someone already would buy him for 10 dollars 😀

  8. Milan Fan

    What?! Why exactly is he unhappy? Ain’t he pocketing that one or two more millions? After all, that was all he ever wanted.

  9. Sheriff maquire

    You guys are all fools for saying that to donnarumma,my advice for donnaromma is to stay at psg blcos that is where is destiny belong to,thanks.

  10. Rafi nizamee

    Juventus desperately needs a star Goalkeeper between the posts. Wojtech might be a team player and well-liked by everyone, but it does not take away from the fact that he has been error-prone and lackluster from last season.

    Donnarumma can singlehandedly contribute at least 15-18 points for Juve in Serie A. It is completely idiotic of PSG to prioritize Navas over him. Donna will never be able to reach his maximum potential in PSG.

  11. rosario

    @Rafi nizamee. Sto ca***

  12. Joe

    Again…..Why did he leave Milan???

  13. Stefano

    Playing time for a goalkeeper is terribly overrated.

    In fact I think Gigi having to compete with Navas is only making him a better goalkeeper. I guarantee you that he is learning a hell of a lot. Navas is not a big guy so he has to use his brain and his positioning. 2 areas he needed to improve anyhow. Throw in getting humbled.

    Gigi is becoming a better goalkeeper as we speak and people here don’t even realize it.

    Now he still could be unhappy about no playing because he loves the sport and is competitive. He might actually want to leave

    But once again he has already improved as a goalie and continues to do so

  14. Guy

    Gigio grow up and lay in the bed you made yourself. You’ve gone from being worshipped in Milan to being a bench warmer in Paris – but €12m a season should keep you happy. Remember going to J will pose a whole host of other issues.

  15. Peter Pietraroia

    Forza NAPOLI,

  16. serie a LOVER

    no way the starting keeper for italy can go a whole season on the bench. i think he goes out on loan in january. i think juve makes a move to get him on loan in january with an option to buy for money. it will be interesting . mancini wont be happy about this

  17. ricky

    Go to PL, Inter or beg Bayern as they have better projects. Who will take Woj he is on a big salary and cannot catch the ball for club and country at moments which define a game make or break.

  18. Vittorio


    YES, you make a valid point about Donnarumma learning how to improve his pisiyioning skills ftom Navas. However, actual competitive 0laying tine remains the best way for any player to gain experience.

  19. TSObhung

    I think fiat has no money to buy him out, dry loan and salary paid by P$G the only possible way.

  20. Terry aming

    Wow, I’m not surprised at all. Imagine the Italian no.1 and Euro cup winner on the bench. I was wondering what was he thinking going to PSG with a top draw keeper in Navas being there. There are some transfers that should never be made, some players lose out in the end and their careers suffer. Gigio is young but should be playing regularly because he is atop keeper but again these footballing agents aren’t in the sport for the love of the game. Never saw an Italian no. 1on any bench, this is disrespectful.

  21. Juto

    LOL. Unhappy after only 2 months? What a baby this kid is. Spoiled brat. Grass isn’t always greener is it lol. What did he think would happen at least initially. Navas took PSG to the CL finals and he is extremely well respected in the dressing room. Would be stupid for Pochettino to let a younger player to come right in and throw out Navas….patience kid patience. He left for more $$$ and now he is unhappy – who didn’t see that coming lol. Milan treated him like a king and the team was his. Sounds like he regrets leaving and this kid won’t be happy anywhere. Of toy can’t be happy in Paris playing w Neymar, Messi and M’Bappe – something is wrong with you

  22. frederic porcelli

    Milan offered him 8M a year, now he makes 7M at psg. I hope he stays on the bech. The only one who is gettig richer is that conmman raiola.

  23. Vittorio

    Messi and Neymar are conspiring against Donnarumma because he is Italian. Messi and Neymar realize thevchallenge Donnarumma creates for Argentina and Brazil, respectively, if either national team faces Italy during the 2022 World Cup (if Italy qualifies).

    Donnarumma should attempt to transfer on loan to Juve in January.

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