Donnarumma not the only one unhappy at PSG as Mbappé allegedly insults Neymar

by | Sep 27, 2021 10:50

Gigio Donnarumma doesn’t seem to be the only one unhappy at PSG as Kylian Mbappé allegedly insulted Neymar after being subbed off against Montpellier.

The Italian goalkeeper is reportedly unhappy with his playing time in Paris as he’s only featured in two of PSG’s 10 games of the season so far.

According to multiple reports in Italy, Juventus are still interested in signing the former Milan shot-stopper who joined the Ligue 1 giants on a free transfer in the summer.

Last week, Il Corriere della Sera reported that one of the reasons behind Keylor Navas’ starting role is that the former Real Madrid star is backed by South American players, including Leo Messi.

Tension at PSG: Donnarumma doesn’t start because of Messi?

However, it seems that Mauricio Pochettino has more issues to solve as Donnarumma is not the only player unhappy in Paris.

In fact, Kylian Mbappé was spotted insulting his teammate Neymar after being subbed off during PSG’s win over Montpellier on Saturday.

The French striker called Neymar ‘a clochard,’ which means ‘homeless’ or ‘beggar’ in French and is often used as an insult.

“This beggar doesn’t pass me the ball,” Mbappé allegedly told his teammate Idrissa Gueye who had opened the scoring against Montpellier before being subbed off.

Mbappé continues to be linked with a move away from PSG in the summer.

His contract expires at the end of the season and Real Madrid remain the club in pole position to secure his services.

epaselect epa09420174 Paris Saint Germain goalkeepers Keylor Navas (R) and Gianluigi Donnarumma (L) attend a training session at the Camp des Loges sports complex near Paris, France, 19 August 2021. EPA-EFE/CHRISTOPHE PETIT TESSON


  1. Burky

    PSG loosing Mbappe and Donnarumma would be a good shake for them 😂 especially since Messi turned shite…

  2. Rosario

    This is the risk of keeping players who don’t want to be at your club. Every man and his dog knew that Mbappe wanted to leave, but PSG wanted to have the last say despite the fact that they’ll be missing out on millions when he leaves for free next summer. When things are going well either for the team or individually, that’s why the ones who want out will begin to poison the rest.

  3. LDN

    What does this have to do with Serie A may I ask? I understand if it was Donnarumma but is this suddenly becoming a gossip website for things irrelevant to Serie A.

  4. Rosario


    Regrettably it is so that little kids can write ‘dollarumma’ and continue to insult him for leaving Milan. They know if they post something about donnarumma, it will get traction. I agree that a lot of hearsay nonsense articles get posted on here, but this is modern media. You don’t have to write truths or relevant articles to get traction.

  5. Vero Rossonero

    @Rosario, you are right, but this has been the capitalist model forever. Essentially capitalism has been “clickbait” economics before the term “clickbait” even came into existence. How much of the crap that is produced in the world is truly necessary? But here we are and crap gets sold (clicks) and people make money. If new sites/channels, etc., only reported the news half of them would not exist (there isn’t that much news). The other half of the coin are the people who happily consume false or hysterical information without thinking twice about it. If there is no demand there is no supply.

  6. Vero Rossonero

    P.S., As to why this article is on this site is simple: the site is called “Football-Italia”, not “Football-Serie A”. So any news or information that relates to Italian football, which includes players playing abroad, is fair. I think in and of itself, this article discussing Gigio’s issues at PSG is fair, my prior comment notwithstanding.

  7. Basta Poco

    The best French team with the most egos…err, I mean talent, is having strife?! Well, that IS news, because here I thought PSG was a bastion of brotherly love and harmony. They may come to blows, but unless someone gets shanked, the team is headed towards winning that league.

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