Donnarumma jeered by Italy fans, reassured by Busquets

by | Oct 6, 2021 20:22

Gianluigi Donnarumma was jeered by Milan fans every time he touched the ball during the Italy Nations League semi-final and even Spain’s Sergio Busquets went to reassure him.

The goalkeeper left Milan as a free agent over the summer after refusing to sign a new contract and joined Paris Saint-Germain.

This was his first return to San Siro since that exit and, as expected, a group of Milan supporters jeered every time he touched the ball.

It evidently got to him, as straight after Spain’s opening goal from Ferran Torres, Donnarumma fumbled a simple ball onto the upright and Leonardo Bonucci had to clear off the line.

Even the Spain players realised that the situation was toxic at the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza, as Sergio Busquets walked over to Donnarumma ahead of the corner and gave him a reassuring pat on the shoulder.

It is not the first time that Milan supporters have used international duty to insult Donnarumma over a contract dispute, as they famously jeered him and waved cash in front of the goalkeeper during the European Under-21 Championship.


  1. Giulio

    As a proud Italian living in Canada, this is pathetic. Who cares that he left for PSG…. Our job is to support Italians. ITALIANS!!!!! Boo him during club matches, not during national team games. It’s pathetic and shows the stupidity of a lot of the Italian fans. When Italy plays, you must drop your club level hatred, and support the nation, and every player playing for the nation. These are probably the same losers who were partying when he made the save in the final handing us the European Championship. This is a primitive mindset, and quite frankly, stupid.

  2. Abdul

    He deserve more than that.ungrateful human…

  3. Dev

    He only has himself to blame…

  4. Francis

    Abdul it’s haters,sadists and jobless people like you will boo someone who owes you nothing

  5. Abdul

    Francis thank you very much for that insult,but is God alone that gives everything in life.I may may be jobless but I have God.Dolarumma owes Milan everything in his life because without Milan he could have been nothing.after nurturing him for all this years he decided to betray Milan.If he has let the club Known that he is not renewing his contract he could have been sold.after leaving Milan without earning anything from his transfer you have the mouth to say he owes Milan nothing?

  6. Primadonnarumma

    @Francis what an idiotic comment. What has being a sadist and jobless got to do with this?

    He’s a mercenary, plain and simple. His behaviour is cowardly, greedy and morally reprehensible. He’s disloyal and quite frankly stupid and naïve. Following the indications of a greedy, craven agent who no doubt instigated these money-grabbing tendencies within him.

    Boohoo.. the loser can’t handle a few boos that are his comeuppance from betrayed fans? Cry me a river, Dollarumma fans..

  7. Sam

    Abdul dont be like that ,messi left us when we needed him the most it happens like that booing him is not the solution bro

  8. Mom

    Nice one.. he deserves it

  9. Milan Fan

    You reap what you sow. He knew full well he was gonna get it. Even 10 years from now, he will receive the same treatment. Fans have always jeered players they personally don’t like, it’s nothing new. Deal with it.

  10. Edward

    Sam, Messi’s case is different, he left be we(Barca) can’t afford to keep. Compare him with Gini from Livepool, those are all ungrateful souls

  11. CurvaSud Gallese

    Mancini could have taken the heat out of the situation by dropping him for these finals. Since his move to Paris he’s become an expert at sitting on the bench so surely that has to be his best position for these games as well.

  12. House Party

    I feel some people are missing the point. By all means boo him, boo him as much as you want while he’s playing for PSG at club level, but how is that going to help when he’s representing Italy. The atmosphere was off, the national anthem improved it a bit but then the booing got worse + if you project negative energy like that against 1 of your own players, nothing good can come from it. And it hurts the team. If that fumbled shot had gone in, would the fans have been happy? Support is so important. It’s one of the reasons Italy managed to beat England in the summer. OK, so Italy were the better team anyway but the pressure + behaviour from the desperate home fans blew it a bit as well.


    Donnarumma should return to Seria A during the January transfer window and play for Juventus.

    I also agree that he should have signed a new contract with Milan. 2 million euros fewer would not have caused him to live in poverty.

    However, regional tribalism hurt the Azzurri morale tonight. Not just Donnarumma.

    Perhaps these matches should be played in Torino or Rome until he returns to Seria A (hopefully).

    Any thoughts? Am I incorrect?

  14. Abdul

    Look at mancini selection so bias.that bastoni was always out of position…..insigne was also wasteful…

  15. EL CID

    At least he did not join Rube then he would be getting it on a weekly basis from both Milanese sides.

  16. Roy

    Disgusting to boo players while playing for Nazionale!!
    If the Milan fans continue like this .. sending such negative energy will draw negative energy .. and the very good replacement they’ve got for Donnarumma .. Maignan … all will be chanelled towards him .. universe will say .. continue booing your past .. you don’t need the good present I’ve given you …..


    are these the fans that celebrate in the streets when juventus loses a game in the CL? This is not about donnarumma its about your reprobate mind, you are a disgrace to Italians ands others, shame on you, but have no shame hence reprobate mind

  18. Jez

    He shouldn’t have been picked for the team at all. HE HASN’T played. Booing and whistling means nothing. The fact we have to field players who are not first team players for their clubs is the real problem here.
    If we had the depth to leave Donna out he wouldn’t be there and thats that.
    We are a tournament team, we turn up for 2-3 week tournament rally the troops, bring abit of gladiator spirit and deliver. Yesterday was always gonna end like that. Serie A needs change until the change happens we will be complaining of events like these for many many years.. Italian youngsters need to be respcted and played, cap the amount of non- italian players playing in Serie A, this should have happened years ago I fear a second lose over the weekend.

  19. Jez

    Francis you sound like one of those guys who claps at all outcomes “it’s the participation that counts”. 4 world cups and 2 European cups weren’t won by people clapping at faliure.
    I don’t care if Donna left n PSG paid him x50 his Milan wages he doesn’t owe me anything you’re right, he should have just left and shut up instead he left, claimed a love for Milan yet left on a free transfer so brought nothing to Milan.
    Kaka and Silva left Milan for financial problems of the club they were forced too leave. They left and were within their right to claim a love for Milan. Donna unfortunately the product of Riola got it all very wrong.

  20. dominic

    Agree with who said Mancini’s selection was bias.

    He hasn’t played regularly for PSG this season, so he didn’t prepare well. Why should Mancini keep Donnarumma in the starting line-up then?

    Bastoni, Insigne also played badly….his selection influence by his past background

  21. Chris

    This is football, this is passion, this is love/hate. If you defend Dollarrumma you don’t understand football. Simple as that.
    For the little snake, he deserves nothing but hate.

  22. Alex Ezuteh

    Donnarumma should learn to be quiet. He called for this.

    You left the club and still claiming you are a fan when you knew the situation sorrounding your leaving.

    He would have remained mute than saying all the trashes , himself and his agent are saying.

    Same way Hakan has been saying

    Same treatment awits him also.

  23. therealronaldo

    what he did was very insulting.

    milan gave him a starting spot at 16 1 year after they signed lopez from real madrid who was at that time
    among the best goalkeepers in the world and was benched out of loyalty so we could grow our own home grown talent

    milan is in severe financial difficulty and in a rebuild

    to leave in the way he did, after repeatingly stating he wants to follow maldini and become captain and declaring his love over and over again is disrespectful and wrong

    he could have signed a contract and let milan get some money for him, but he put his own finances and that of his agent mino above the club, so everyone got paid except for the club that sacrificed to make him first team at a time when he was young and making mistakes. the milan fans supported him through all his time and errors as we were proud to have home grown talent.

    in life you cannot be so disrespectful and then expect the same fans to support you after?

    to those saying its wrong or your not italian – this is not reasonable – if someone disrespects and damages you and your family and you have do not stand up for yourself you are likely a weak person

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