Donnarumma booed: Raiola blames Milan

by | Oct 8, 2021 08:41

Gigio Donnarumma’s agent Mino Raiola blames Milan after the goalkeeper was booed during Italy-Spain: ‘They should have defended him.’

The 22-year-old didn’t receive a warm welcome at San Siro on his return with the Azzurri.

Donnarumma was booed by Milan fans from the warmup until the end of the game, causing controversy in Italy.

The goalkeeper felt the pressure in Italy’s 2-1 defeat in the Nations League semi-finals against La Roja sparking a never-ending debate on whether or not the Rossoneri fans should have booed Gigio during a national team’s game.

Donnarumma’s agent Mino Raiola spoke to Il Corriere dello Sport to defend his client and surprisingly hit out at Milan.

Milan fans: ‘Donnarumma will never be welcome’

“I am disgusted about the boos to Donnarumma and I ask myself why Milan didn’t intervene in some way after that banner,” the agent told Il Corriere dello Sport.

Raiola refers to a banner unveiled by Milan ultras before the kickoff.

“Donnarumma, piece of ****,” read the banner. “You will never be welcome in Milano again.”

“Do you want to talk about threats?” continued Raiola.

“Has he killed somebody? I don’t think so. The truth is that Milan didn’t have the strength to keep him, but it doesn’t make the difference.

“Ask, anybody, ask a dad. What would he suggest to his son? Join PSG or stay at Milan?”

Raiola is described as ‘furious’. He called Il Corriere dello Sport during the halftime of Italy-Spain on Wednesday and spoke to them again the day after the game.

“What happened at the stadium is sad, strange and shameful,” he added.

“It’s strange that Milan fans only target Donnarumma, only because he made a free choice.

“It’s also strange and disappointing that Milan didn’t distance themselves from this unacceptable behaviour.

“Italy looked bad in front of the whole world, I really appreciate Sergio Busquets’ gesture, he understood the situation and what Gigio was going through.”

Donnarumma jeered by Italy fans, reassured by Busquets

The Barcelona midfielder went to reassure Donnarumma during the game as Milan fans booed him every time he touched the ball.

“Gigio has always given everything to the national team, contributing to winning the Euros and being named the best player in the competition,” concluded Raiola.

“He also helped Milan, he remained loyal in the most difficult moment for the club, being professional until the very last day and helping the team to return to the Champions League.”




  1. Marty

    Typical Mino. Always the clubs fault. I can’t stand the man – an absolute cancer

  2. Ranajaya

    “really appreciate Sergio Busquets’ gesture, he understood the situation and what Gigio was going through.” Busquets plays for Barca. Do you know what Barca’s fans did to Luiz Figo when he left Barca and joined Real? They threw him a pig’s head once when Real played away vs Barca.
    “Ask, anybody, ask a dad. What would he suggest to his son? Join PSG or stay at Milan?” You are not a good father, aren’t you Mino? A father wouldn’t ask for 20 Mil euros for an extension. He acts like he didn’t get anything out of this situation

  3. Vittorio

    1. Milanisti should have reserved their displeasure until PSG plays at Milan.

    2. Mr. Mino Raiola…you are an example of the excessive greed that has infested the sport. You have no shame…you imitate a mercenary for hire.

  4. Meer

    Yeah fine if he helped milan then milan helped him too raising him and making him the star he is. There are ways where you can leave Club and the path gigio choose was disgusting. He left fine milan moved on. Those fans out there save their hard earned money to come watch their fav club play and the way he left was out of sorts. Milan are one of the classy Italian clubs always supportive to their players and staff. Now this snake mino teaching milan how to act who always took money above values. What happened shouldn’t have happened but this happens when you play with fans sentiments.

  5. Zoro Caloro

    Hahahaha nope sorry Mino. You are the main cancer in this sport. And no we don’t need less of this we need more because right now the game is dominated by greed and agent fees, only shame maybe can bring it back.

  6. Pietro

    Milan fans are not angry because he left – they are angry because of the manner in which he left. Milan raised him from a youth into the goalkeeper he is today – and he thanks them by walking away, for free, without leaving them a penny in transfer fee. Why not renew so that you could be sold to reward your boyhood club and the club “you love to much”. No one cares what he pizzaiolo has to say to be honest. This is his doing, for me, he is to blame! Gigio is a professional, he should have expected boos and should be able to handle them, as he does the cheers. Regarding the boos and whistles, he deserved every single one of them!

  7. Dean

    Whilst I can’t stand Rino for being the personification of greed, the comments I’ve been reading here over the last couple of days are even more off-putting.

    Is Gigio not entitled to work/play wherever he pleases? Do people not have that freedom anymore? Did he ever disrespect the jersey while wearing it or not try his best? Do the fans now believe that the money they spend to watch games and buy merchandise are some form of donation where the players are personally indebted to you?

    If you are getting this upset over things like this to the point of willingly poisoning the atmosphere of an event where thousands of Italians, young and old, are watching their country play with pride, then you need to look in the mirror and question if you have the right priorities in life.

  8. Vogel

    Gigi made it clear he only thinks about himself, so Milan will do the same.

    Perhaps if he didn’t have Mino whispering in his ear then things would have been different?

  9. DB Milan

    Mino Raiola, ladies and gentlemen. The Littlefinger of football.

  10. EzrGy

    I think there’s a very simple solution to the impasse: Just don’t play Dollarumma at San Siro.

    Forza Milan

  11. Kam

    @Dino, it’s the way he left. Milan have looked after Donnarumma since he was a teenager. They looked after his family and hired his useless brother for no less than €1M to be third choice.

    Then he walks for free. All that Milan put in and they don’t get a cent. He could of at least had the guts to say he would like a new adventure last year so Milan could get SOMETHING for him. But he is clearly to gutless and his manager too pigheaded , manipulative and greedy.
    This is the business of the sport. Let the club that helped you and paid you.

    If you want out, fine. Have the decency and respect to say so instead of towing everyone along, from the fans to the teammates to the management.

    How is that for disrespecting the jersey ?

    Anyway, I hope he enjoys the bench in Paris before his obvious move to Juventus.
    Mike is a star in his own right.

  12. Stefanus

    Just let this greedy pig blames whoever he want to blame… he is nothing…

  13. Guy

    Mino, the Teflon Don. This guy is only after his next meal ticket and doesn’t care about his client. As a Milan fan I honestly don’t care about Gigi or Hakan. The boos are all part of football, get over it and stop crying. Mino needs to take some responisbilty too, did breif his client of the potential for hatred….of course not. Football needs to stop dealing with Mino!

  14. Ralph

    Within 4 years Milan sprinted him up from 1M to 6M then 8M and you said they don’t have power to keep him? that was the club that raised you and put you in the lime light, a good and responsible father will tell his son that have moral value” You can leave but never betrayed the club that made you who you are” by that they will all sit on the table and he will make sure Milan get something back but instead he left for free so his agent can get a fat commission and him get a buoy fat cheque and now this one is complaining of Milan not protecting him? This is the funniest comments I have read in recent time. Just stay at home whenever you are involved in a match at San-Siro otherwise deal with it

  15. Milan Fan

    A furious pig is a funny pig. If someone kills somebody, then people will boo him?! LMAO

    Milan didn’t have the strength to keep him? You f***ing liar you said he had a 12m offer on the table and yet at the end of the day he signed for PSG with almost the same amount that Milan were offering him, around 8m a season.

    Now it all makes sense. That guy Alessandro Barbano from Corriere dello Sport is his buddy, he calls him at half time and the next day he writes the funniest article, that the boos were like racist insults aimed at Koulibaly! lol

    But of course he blames Milan. He wouldn’t blame himself now, would he? Sure Dollarumma made a “free choice”, just as everybody in the stadium. They made a free choice to boo him, too. What are you getting at pig?

    His relationship with Milan is broken because we stopped bending over for him and his players. First we said goodbye to Jack, then Dollarumma, next season it’s Romagnoli and Zlatan.

    Keep counting the money and shut the hell up pig.

  16. Chris

    You’re damn right it’s because of Milan, but put him in a stadium even in Calabria and he will most likely still get booed.

  17. Burky

    Mino, you aren’t only a bad dad (if you have children) you are also a shit human being if this is your advice to your children or fellow men.

    We need people like you out of the sport.

  18. rossonero

    Please for God’s sake, anyone in the whole world can speak about sympathy except this man (the greedy bear of football agents), I feel disgusted to see people like him in the world of football and sports in general. Why should Milan intervene!! he is not their player anymore!! He gets millions from representing Donnrumma, let him do his job and defend his client!!

  19. Milan fan

    Mino ruined this kid. Sooner or later he will leave psg and never able to return to the club he loved and treated so horrible. As a day psg or Milan ? Sorry but how many UCL do psg have and sooner or later Milan will have more. All the money in the world can’t but you class. When Brazilian Ronaldo was injured Milan offered to extend his contract. Redondo never even out the jersey on when he was injured, Ibrahim ba, vanbusten and so many more players Milan stood by. Until psg has a legacy like Milan and a maldini type dynasty to speak of psg will just be a trash can no matter what they win. Sooner or later this piece of shit will miss Milan and never able to return and Mino is just a business man so can’t blame him for wanting more money.

  20. Trojan

    Every time you open your shit holl you make that worst. You pi’s of shit low life
    You made al this trouble I hope some one put you down you asshol

  21. Gianluigi

    He’s not a Milan player so Milan does not have to protect him anymore. Simple as that, Mino.

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