Difference and comparison between Timothy Weah and Milan legend George

In a career of unceasing comparisons with his father, Timothy Weah made one record of his own by scoring in the World Cup, but what does he have in common with the Milan legend?

Ballon d’Or-winning Milan legend George is one of the best African players of all time yet never featured in the tournament with Liberia.

The two-time Serie A winner was inhibited by playing for a small outsider in a continent full of experienced heavyweight nations. Yet his Brooklyn-born son created a unique piece of family history when he confidently sent the USA ahead in their 1-1 draw with Wales.

Ignoring the obvious inherited genetics, it would be delving into the realm of fantasy to expect the Lille winger to be a carbon copy of his father. While there are few real similarities between the pair, the US forward has clearly benefited from the influence of his dad – even though his Jamaican mother was his first football coach.

Although understandably proud of his football heritage it must still be a little exhausting to be endlessly mentioned alongside your father, especially when he also happens to be the President of Liberia. The 22-year-old is still establishing himself despite the burdensome millstone of his famous surname.

Notwithstanding the differences in stature and strength, the American forward has an electric surge of pace and showed a glimpse of the expert timing and composure of his father to claim the USA’s first goal of the World Cup.

Weah Jr. has also shown a penchant for skill-infused dribbles from distance much like the man dubbed ‘King George.’ In a phenomenal five-year tenure at Milan – between 1995-2000 – the multi-talented attacker produced many memorable moments. One, in particular, stands out. 

Weah stunned San Siro with an unforgettable goal which highlighted all his best qualities against Verona on September 8, 1996. In a mesmerising run of power, persistence, and impeccable balance he ran from inside his own penalty area to the opposite end of the pitch before calmly slotting into the net.

It remains one of the finest individual goals scored in the Italian top-flight in the last three decades.

Even the most generous bookmakers would not give sensible odds on anyone – let alone Weah Jr. – repeating such a momentous strike.

The former Paris Saint-Germain’s expected career goals will most likely be measured in assists despite his excellent strike for the US in their stalemate with Wales.

He is far more of a provider than his father and will no doubt cause numerous problems on the flank when America take on England in Friday’s crucial Group B game. Regardless of what happens in Qatar the injury-affected forward could ultimately end up in Italy.

Weah Jr. has openly talked about playing in Serie A and while his father is not a pushy parent, he did discuss the possibility of sending his son to the Milan youth ranks as a child.


The Rossoneri have a special relationship with Lille and the pair have conducted profitable business in the last few years.

Both goalkeeper Mike Maignan and winger Rafael Leão moved from the north of France to the Italian giants. Neither transfer broke the bank and the duo proved indispensable in Milan’s Scudetto win last year.

While his progress has been scuppered by a host of different injuries Weah Jr. could be another cost-effective capture as the Rossoneri continue to operate within a stringent budget. His value will inevitably increase with more positive performances in Qatar, but everything in his background and profile fits the club where his father excelled.

In the pointless imitation game, Weah Jr. will never live up to the incredible accomplishments of his famous dad. Yet he is quietly making his own name on international football’s grandest stage.


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