Has Mourinho’s career gone downhill after Inter exit?

by | Dec 4, 2021 10:54

José Mourinho meets Inter for the first time in his career today and the trophies he’s won over the last decade suggest his career has gone downhill since leaving the Nerazzurri.

The Portuguese coach will forever have a special place in the hearts of every Inter fan.

Mourinho won five trophies during his two-year spell at the club, including the Treble in the 2009-10 campaign.

His former defender Marco Materazzi assures Mourinho hasn’t changed since, but the trophies he won in the last ten years may suggest he is no longer the same coach he used to be.

Mourinho signed with Real Madrid after the Champions League Final won against Bayern Munich at the Estadio Bernabeu and has won eight trophies in the last ten years.

He finished trophyless in 2013-14 and 2015-16 and hasn’t won a piece of silverware since 2017.

Mourinho trying to catch Inter in his trap

The most important titles he won since he left Inter are the La Liga title in 2011-12 (with Real Madrid), the 2014-15 Premier League with Chelsea and the Europa League in 2016-17 with Manchester United.

However, Real Madrid President Florentino Perez hired Mourinho to win the Decima – the tenth Champions League in the club’s history – which the La Liga giants raised with Carlo Ancelotti in the dug-out in 2013-14.

Mourinho won the Europa League, the Community Shield and the League Cup in his first season at Old Trafford but finished sixth in the Premier League.

He was sacked in December 2018 and hired by Tottenham in November 2019. He spent less than a year and a half in North London, failing to win any trophy.

In the summer, Mourinho signed a three-year deal with Roma, but the Giallorossi are not involved in the race for the Scudetto. The Giallorossi are among the contenders for a Champions League spot and sit six points behind fourth-placed Atalanta.


  1. DB Milan

    I don’t really think you need an article to tell you it has. He’s not the same, hasn’t been for ages.

  2. umberto cinquegrani

    Hes only there to be sacked and collect another great pay packages then move on get sacked and collect again.
    When are clubs going to wise up and see what is game is.


    His career started to go downhill before he left Madrid. He’s yesterday’s man – a bit like Serie A itself. It’s a bit worrying to see how many people got so excited when he came back. He’s only at Roma because he isn’t good enough for a top club anymore.
    A combination of issues – the weak modern player being one – have left him out of touch with the game today.

  4. cassano craterface

    should of never of left Inter.

  5. Feroli

    He has been superseded by a lot of managers (Klop, Pep, Turchel) Unfortunately all of whom manage in the `PL. It’s not correct to say he is ‘passed it’ as Serie A is not at the same level as it once was. Therefore his current peers are no more illustrious and neither do they have anywhere near his experience or medal cabinet.
    Roma are a club that require a huge amount of nvestment. They have been a selling club for a decade or more. they have changed ownership from Sensi to Palotta (which didn’t go well) to Friedkin. There has been no consistency and it can’t be expected that Mourinho can bring that immediately. Let’s see if he sticks at it – and if the owners stick with him.

  6. Rik

    Dont blame Mourinho blame that rubbish technical director in the past called Monchi. Its Mourinho first year give him time!


    @Rik: who sells a 30 year old Nainggolan for 26 million + Zaniolo ? that right there is a stroke of genius of it wasn’t for that idiot Ausilio being on the other side of the deal !
    But i have to admit that getting Pastore, Nzonzi, Olsen, Schick, Kluivert, Santon and it would have been Malcolm if it wasn’t for Barca hijacking that deal !

  8. TorreDG

    Do teams expect Mourinho to wave a magic wand over a team and bring it success? As a coach the man knows the game, and knows the psychology of winning on a high level.
    Large franchises do not have the patience to develope talent and some do not have the mindset of what it takes to win ,especially if a team is leaderless on the pitch.
    Man U is still in disarray. Tottenham thinks that Conte and 15M pounds will get the job done. MC & Chelsea will pay extravently for any desired player, Klop has won 1 title since his arrival and has deep pockets and Mourinho is given a year or two sometime less to turn teams. There are no miracles in footbal, Gasperini has yet to win anything and collects accolades.Managers can do only so much. Without team leaders and team cohesion and confidence clubs will wilt in competition. Where are Roma‘s leaders on the pitch, Dzecko couldn’t wait to run to Milan. Weak defensively Roma needs help, The Friedkins will spend and find it. Rome is a great city, they know they are the trustees of an asset that is beloved and profitable.
    Good Luck Jose

  9. MZ


  10. Franco

    Mourino is a straight talker who knows the game and players that are suited to his style. He needs time at Roma along with the owners know this too! The basis of the team is there and j m needs to put the finishing touches in place . Spina got injured along with zaniolo who is fighting back ! Wiser man and better players will make the difference they have class players as for seria A ! It’s a new beginning they play footballl now

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